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When you moved in to your house

Did you change the locks and the toilet seats?

There's a poll on D&R about this right now and I have never heard of anyone doing either and didn't think of it myself. 

Just wondering if this is more common then I thought.

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Re: When you moved in to your house

  • Locks -yes, toilet seats - ?????. I suppose I would change them if they were particularily nasty.
  • I don't have a house, but I would probably want to change the locks. It wouldn't have occurred to me to change the toilet seats.
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  • Umm not yet.  We were going to change the locks but we only lock our door at bedtime so we have been pretty lazy about it.  I did change the toilet tank assembly in the upstairs bathroom,  not the seat though.

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  • I changed my lock but not my toilet seat. I have heard of a lot of people changing toilet seats though.

  • The selling agent actually had our locks changed (we were here) as a "gift" to us.

     We did not change the toilet seats.  That never even crossed my mind.

  • Neither.

     I can understand the locks, but we didn't bother.

     As for the toilet seats.... that's just crazy.  I know they're not that expensive so what the heck, but cleaner is cheaper and less wasteful.  We cleaned the house from top to bottom - I think thats sufficient.  The toilet seat in your house is probably better than any public restroom.

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  • Locks: yes

    toilet seats: no, never

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  • It never crossed my mind to change the toilet seats.
  • We changed the locks to our house as the previous owners were professional criminals apparently (our house was a foreclosure).

    We did a major reno that included replacing the toilets.

    So we did both, but only because it was necessary.

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  • We changed our locks.  Who knows how many people have a spare key to the previous owner's place and try to get in after we move in.

    Toilet seats, I never thought of that.  DH and FIL put in a new toilet because it was 'needed' so we ended up with a new one but all the times before I've never changed the toilet seat.

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  • We didn't change the locks as it's super expensive to do in our building (we have to do it through the condo so they all match and they charge an arm and a leg). Toilets seats yes but because they were really wobbly/loose.
  • I was wondering about the locks thing too.  I didn't think it was a huge deal, but after reading what everyone had to say I think we will be changing the locks.

    I think a really good cleaning will suffice with the toilet seats

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