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Holy Moly, Facebook is addictive

I really need to stop this, but I've been looking at Facebook walls of people that aren't friends of mine, but we have a friend in common.

So, apparently, this girl (G1) is about 20 and had a baby 6 mos ago with a boy (B1) who is 21.  They have since broken up because B1 cheated.  G1 was b!tching about B1 bothering her, but B1 was also b!tching about G1 bothing him.  Well, then I see that at the beginning of Jan B1 posted that he wanted to make things right, but 3 weeks later his status changed to engaged to some other girl (G2).  Cah-razy!  G2 posted something about B1's crazy ex harassing them. 

So, mid Dec B1 and G1 break up, 2 weeks later B1 wants to make things work and 3 weeks after that B1 is engaged to G2.  Meanwhile, about 2-3 wks after the break up G1 meets a new boy (B2) and within a week or so they are in a relationship and she's calling him her baby.

Ugh, that poor child to be stuck in the middle of all of that mess.  

What a train wreck.


Re: Holy Moly, Facebook is addictive

  • So... what you're saying is that the people you know, know a lot of idiots? LOL. I'm joking. Well, kind of.

    FB was addicting for about a month last year when I first joined. Now I'm considering canceling my page.

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  • I don't have these types of friends... maybe that's why FB is not that fascinating to me.
  • Ugh, I've recently added a couple of old friends from HS.  Holy hell.... The one hasn't grown up at ALL.  Still the trainwrecky fragile thing he was back in HS.  STILL living at home, STILL has no car, STILL has no job.... Gah - wtf is wrong with people.

    Another one sent me a message with "pout" as the subject. WTF, are we all not in our mid 30s????  WTF is this "pout" sh!t??  All because she couldn't write on my wall.  Ya think there might be a reason WHY there, missy???


    I think my TIP friends are the only ones who have full access to my page, LOL.  You know, my "grown up" friends...

  • i used to be addicted to facebook when i first got it... but now i only use it to msg ppl.
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