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NBR: I'm not sure what I'm looking for.. help?

DH has been drinking a LOT of coffee in the last six months. At first, he was really messy and left his dirty spoon on the counter. I told him to make sure he puts down a paper towel first to catch the coffee and so it wouldn't stain the counter.

No, I'm getting really sick of seeing the dirty paper towel and spoon and so I have been searching for something he could use that would look.. nicer than just a coffee-soaked paper towel.

I'm looking online for stuff right now, but haven't been able to find anything.

What I'm looking for: something DH can put his spoon onto that I can leave on the counter indefinitely, except for washing occasionally. Plus, I'm tired of wasting paper towels.

Got any good ideas? 


Re: NBR: I'm not sure what I'm looking for.. help?

  • a small plate, like a saucer. Or spoon rest.

    Does he leave it out all day? Can he just throw the spoon in the sink once he is finished? 

  • A spoon rest like you can get for the stove?
  • I'm freaking dumb as hell. OMG. I have no excuse for my stupidity.
  • Yes, a spoon rest would be perfect. Durr. Sorry for the idiocy.

    He leaves the spoon out all day, yes. One of us will usually rinse it to re-use or toss it in the dishwasher.

  • It's the simple things that are sometimes the hardest to figure out. LOL.
  • LOL.  I was gonna say, a spoon rest, which you've clearly figured out, or a small cup.  

    Usually if I know DH is going to re-use it (especially on the weekends), I take out a coffee cup and put it straight into the coffee cup.   He usually does the same for me, if he's had some coffee already and isn't half brain-dead. 


  • A little late to the party, but why can't he rinse it off before he puts in on the counter?
  • Oh, he could. But, I don't trust him to do it all the time. He's notorious about not doing that kind of stuff. Not because he doesn't want to, but because he doesn't care enough.

    And rather have an argument about the rinsing of his coffee spoon, I would rather he at least keep the spoon from dirtying up the counter. As long as he doesn't do that, I don't really care.

  • I"m a huge coffee hound. I have a pretty decorated small dish for my coffee spoon
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