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s/o vets.... WWYD?

I have not been happy with any vet I've seen since we moved to Parker.  The guy at the Parker vet clinic (or something like that) was ok, but then he gave her stuff she didn't need without asking me and I was not ok with that.  The following year we went to Lone Tree, and the vet was alright, the assistant was mean, and I don't like how they just make you an appointment with a different person every time.  We used to go to Dr. Batch in Applewood and I LOVED him!  DH's parents have been taking their dogs to him ever since they moved to Colorado and he's always been amazing.

Obviously Applewood is pretty far from here.  I don't mind driving there at all for her annual check ups, but I wonder if it's better to see someone closer so her records and everything are nearby in case we need to go see a vet in an emergency?  WWYD?


Re: s/o vets.... WWYD?

  • We go to Broadview Animal clinic in Aurora. It's a tremendous trek from our house (45 minutes) but we love the vets and the rates are fantastic. I've heard nothing but raves about them, and it seems like every week I meet someone new who takes their pets there. I think that if you love the vet, and are willing to make the trip, keep them, even keeping in mind that emergencies happen. You could just keep a copy of Cookie's medical record so you have it in case something happens.
  • Maybe I should try Broadview :)  But IDK if anyone can beat Dr. Batch in my mind.  I lurved him.  He was sooo sweet to Cookie.


  • I don't have a rec down by you, but I think it's really important to find a vet (and a clinic) that you feel comfortable with . We had a big problem when Helton was misdiagnosed - and I never really felt a "click" with any of the vets who saw her or our other cats. We changed to Firehouse and love our vet there. She cares not only about our cats, but about us too. And when we bring in one cat, she always asks about the others and makes sure any issues they've been seen for are ok.
  • We go out of our way to see our vet too. Granted, it's not as far of a drive as Applewood (our vet is Hampden Family Pet Hospital in Englewood) but we just never go that way unless it's a vet visit.  We love them and have been taking our pets there for 14 years.  I always get to pick which vet we see. We've seen the other vets there (all of which are great) but we usually pick them if the one we want just absolutely does not have any openings for the time we need.

    Personally, I think good health care providers (for animals and humans alike) is hard to find so if you find one that you love and works for you, imho it's worth it to stick with them. It may be a different story if Cookie has an illness that would require very frequent visits, I can see how the drive would get old, but for the occasional oops and annual check ups, it's not a big deal. If it's truly an emergency, chances are we wouldn't see our normal vet anyway. In an emergency, I take my pets to the nearest available vet, then take them to our regular vet for follow ups.

  • We go to Broadview, too. We have been extremely happy with them. 
  • My sister swears by this vet she used to work with, Dr. Dave Roberts.  He runs Plum Creek Mobile Vet and comes to Mom has sworn that if any of her animals get sick, she's calling Dave from now on.  Anyway, might be a good option -- have him come to you and Cookie rather than hop in the car!  I'll probably use him for Bailey when my sister stops practicing....
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  • If it makes you feel better and gives you any idea on how much people love Broadview, our trainer who lives north of Ft. Collins, near the WY border, takes his dogs to Broadview.  Obviously not when there is an emergency, but he drives that far for normal check-ups.  Our youngest dog was even "delivered" there by C-section.  He is the one who recommended them to us and we've been going there for five years now since we got our first dog.  We specifically love Dr. Davies!

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  • Thanks for the recs!  I might try Broadview or the travel vet (Cookie would LOVE that!).  Then if I'm still grumpy about it I'll go back to Applewood. Big Smile


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