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Runners...miles for February?

I ran 148.8 (I think that's twice what I did in January!)

ETA: Just checked my math...I'm an idiot.  It was  113.6 ( I think I counted an extra week the first time!)

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Ellie Jane - 9/12/11
Post-partum races!
11/6 - Kennedy Drive 8K: 36:27 (7:20 pace)
12/4 - North Face Trail Half Marathon: 2:10 (9:27 pace)
12/11 - Arts and Sciences 5K: 21:56 (7:03 pace)
1/8 - Golden Gate Park 10K: 44:30 (7:09 pace) PR!
1/22 - Waterfront 5K: 20:54 (6:43 pace) PR!

Re: Runners...miles for February?

  • Three. I'm not kidding. Taking time off for a weird knee problem. Seems ok to run on now. I hope!!

    148 that's awesome!!

  • Well at least your knee is ok.  And I'm sure you swam infinitely more than I did (ZERO!)
    Food Blog: Cate's World Kitchen
    Ellie Jane - 9/12/11
    Post-partum races!
    11/6 - Kennedy Drive 8K: 36:27 (7:20 pace)
    12/4 - North Face Trail Half Marathon: 2:10 (9:27 pace)
    12/11 - Arts and Sciences 5K: 21:56 (7:03 pace)
    1/8 - Golden Gate Park 10K: 44:30 (7:09 pace) PR!
    1/22 - Waterfront 5K: 20:54 (6:43 pace) PR!
  • yes I did swim more than you. A whole three times more than you!! February has not been a good working out month for me, except for this last week.
  • 58.52

    I had a sinus infection and didn't run for a full week


  • 94.4, just shy of what i did in january - i was hoping to break 100 but knew that wouldnt happen b/c i started my half tranning last week and it was lower miles than i would have done normally.  that and it's been a ridiculously snowy month, so some of my longer, outdoor runs turned into shorter, treadmill runs. blech. anyway, still impressive i think :)

  • 115 - does not include walking the dogs 8-10 miles a week

    ETA: I just check mapmyrun and it is actually 118.86 (disclosure: training for a marathon in April)

  • 72-ish.  I don't exactly keep track with a garmin or run on a well-measured path - I approximate!  It was my first month of marathon training!  i'm more excited that I made it through the whole month and hit all of my mileage goals for each week, and am running my long runs a little faster than I thought I would!
  • I did 40.65 - I was hoping for 60 but then got a bad cold (maybe sinus infection) and had to take a week off.
  • 75.75 miles
    My Running Blog!

    2012: Running & Race Accomplishments:

    2-12-12: Riverview Winter Fest 4 mile, 34:59 8:45 pace - 23 weeks pregnant
    2-29-12: Leap Year 4 mile, 36:45 9:11 pace - 25.5 weeks pregnant
    3-11-12: Corktown 5K, 28:33 9:13 pace - 27 weeks pregnant
    3-25-12: Rock CF Island Half Marathon, 2:11:03 10:00 pace - 29 weeks pregnant
    4-16-12 Boston Marathon, deferring to 2013
    8-11-12: Run thru Hell 10 mile or 4.8 mile
    9-30-12: Brooksie Way Half Marathon
    10-21-12: Grand Rapids Marathon
    11-22-12: Detroit Turkey Trot 10K

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  • 54.2...should have been about 10 miles more but I was out for almost a week with shin splints and a stomach bug.

    In March, if I don't miss any runs on my half plan, I'll be running about 104.  Eek!

    two years!
    after two losses, now happily expecting baby #1 09.16.12
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    Brie Fit Blog | BFP Chart
  • a sad 53 miles. 30 miles less then January. I had to take a little over a week off for a knee injury. boo. March should be better. My last 3 wks before my half on March 21st.
  • 65.95- should have been more like 75, but I skipped a run last week and didn't do my entire run today. :/  Bad running week, I guess.


    Best Running Accomplishment

    Pacers Running Festival Half Marathon
  • 126 this month. We had to taper and ramp up from our marathon so it's lower than the previous two months.


  • 142.?Awesome considering?we've?had?so?much?snow.?
    I?ran?all?but?my?20?&?22?on?the?treadmill,?which?I?hate!?I even travelled to NC for the 20. We have family there, so it wasn't just for the run though :)
    Caroline (5), Kyle (3), Lucy (01/04/12)

    2012 Goal: working towards pre-pregnancy speed!
    04/15 KI Metric Marathon/16.3 m (2:05:55, 7:43 pace)
    05/06 Frederick 13.1 (1:41:09)
    11/04 NYCM
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • 43.97 miles.  you guys make me look like i barely ran at all!
    Baby Charchie born 12/22/2011
  • I'm the saddest. 24miles. I'm doing P90X too though!
  • image Turtle143:
    I'm the saddest. 24miles. I'm doing P90X too though!

    Mine is around this (I stopped keeping track b/c I was lazy and I lost my Nike+ for a few weeks). I had runner's knee and had to take it easy for a couple weeks so my mileage was low. 

    I just bought a garmin this weekend though and will keep much better track in March. Big Smile

    Edited to change mileage was "slow" to "low"...although I am slow. Stick out tongue

  • I am going to respond for the very first time...yay!

    I ran 27.5 miles in February. I also had a bunch of biking & shred days. Plus, I was out for almost a week due to sickness.

    All in all I worked out more that half of the month. That is a first for me!

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  • About 50.

    ?Seeing your high numbers is great motivation! ?I am doing my first half in June. ?My comfy running workout has always been a 5K distance and I've finally moved up to 4-5 miles over the last 2 weeks. ?Goal is to be comfy at 7 miles in March so hopefully the mileage will increase. ? ? ?

  • How sad, I had under 20.  But I had much more cross training!

    Finally getting back into running after having my appendix out in January.

  • Only 58 for the month.  I found it difficult to get motivated on the treadmill.  I can't wait to go outside.
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  • 40.  I was hoping for 50 this month but just like in January, I had a week where I couldn't run.  In Jan. I was sick, and this time it was parent/teacher conferences until 8pm and for a few days I had a sore ankle.  I do crossfit too and that went well this month - TOO well at times if you go by how sore I've been this month!

    50 in March for sure!!


  • 154!! Surprise and it will be more in March. This marathon $hit may be the death of me :) haha
    image image Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • 51.83.

    These two huge snowstorms we had back to back really put a damper in my running regimine.  I can't wait for spring.

  • 128.17

    Duke's House: Eating and Running with the Big Dog in Chennai:


    2010 Race PRs:

    5K - 24:57 10M - 1:28:20 13.1M - 1:57:29 26.2M - 4:28:29

  • 41.7. I slacked a bit but still managed a 10K PR on Saturday! I think I am doing a good job of keeping up with running for fitness, so I am satisfied.
  • 87 miles - I took off a couple of weekends but that's still right about where I want to be. :-)
  • 30 something. I took the last week completely off. I just need a break from everything.

    I am ready to rock n roll this week though!

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