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What Facebook has taught me

Over the past six months (with the ones lower on the list both being from today) I've learned of the following solely through facebook.  Had I not seen the family stuff and brought it up to my mom so she could ask around, then goodness knows when we would have found out.

1.  A cousin getting a divorce.

2. Another cousin who got married about a month before DH and I getting a divorce.

3. More about my sorority sisters' reproduction/child-rearing methods than I ever cared to know.

4. My SIL (DH's sister) planned a big birthday bash for herself...to which she invited DH but not me.

5.  A cousin got married (I have a lot of cousins)

6. Friends of DH and I, one of them being DH's college roommate, are now divorced.  They were married a few months before DH and I.

I just find it funny that I now know so much about these people that I wouldn't have found out before...at least, not as immediately.  Does anyone else experience this at an almost alarming frequency?


Re: What Facebook has taught me

  • It happens to me quite often as well.  One of my old college roommates got a divorce - and I only found out via facebook.  It's wild the amount of information you can gain on someone. It can be both good and bad.  Good because at least you won't stick your foot in your mouth at the next family gathering asking where their husband is.  Bad because a lot of people have no filter and can't see to realize that the methods they're using to procreate aren't necessarily the topics that need to be put in a public forum, [:)[
  • Same for me, although with FB I think my family is actually making more of a effort to reach out to everyone. I think my people being on FB, they are actually in our thoughts more so it's easier. Before FB, no one thought about long-lost Cousin X on a regular basis. Now, I find out from a phone call that she's expecting. I never would have known w/out FB.

    For my friends- yes, I'm finding out through FB. However, I would likely never know and like MrsBreaux, put my foot in my mouth next time we catchup with each other.

    I think FB makes it easier because it lessons the blow. You don't have to keep repeating the fact and you don't have to see people's face ( that are not your close family and friends).

  • Very much so. Especially with DH's side of the family, and sadly most of them only live 30 minutes away! I know so much more about my family that lives thousands of miles away.
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