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Thanks, Doc!

Monday night into Tuesday I had stomach pains so severe that I could only curl into a ball and shake. I felt like the creature from Alien was chewing out of my stomach.  I got to the doctor Tuesday morning and she sent me to the hospital for tests within an hour because my white blood cell count was so high.  She also gave me drugs to help with the pain/nausea.  She told be that depending on the outcome of the sonogram they might schedule me for surgery asap. The hospital sent me home with instructions to report to the ER if I got worse.

My dr's office called me Wednesday to come in for more blood work and follow up.  Then Thursday they called for me to come back in on Friday for more blood work and another follow up. 

My doc wasn't there on Friday.  So I got my official diagnosis from a different doctor.  The official diagnosis as I sat there feeling like I'd been hit by a Mack truck..."You're bodies fighting off whatever it is.  Try to eat.  It could take a couple of weeks to feel normal."  I left.  I was still iloopy from the medicine.  When DH asked what the doctor said, I told him.  He got this funny look on his face.

So 3 visits to the doctor and a trip to the hospital all I know is I have some really strong drugs and a severe case of "Whatever it is."  At least I'm not in pain anymore.

Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have.

Re: Thanks, Doc!

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