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Jaleo review

As I posted yesterday, we went to Jaleo for my birthday dinner last night. It was pretty yummy, and we had a great meal. Unfortunately we got kind of a crappy table- right by the door (we went to the DC one). I would have rather been seated further in the restaurant, but oh well.

The food was good, but I thought it was a bit over-priced. To me, the pitcher of sangria was not worth $28. It was decent sangria, but not the best I've ever had. One of the tapas I had was the grilled pork sausage with sauteed white beans. It was good, but the beans were really tiny, almost dried-up looking. I guess I was expecting big beans, like how I had it in Spain. (I should mention that I studied in Barcelona for 4 months in college, so I guess I expected it to be like what I ate there). My seafood-loving friends got the gambas al ajillo that was recommended, and really liked that.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but I was not wowed. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I think other places like La Tasca and Las Tapas are just as good.


Re: Jaleo review

  • I agree.  La Tasca actually recently redid their menu.
  • Did your DH find something to eat?
  • image Ajknightfan:
    Did your DH find something to eat?

    Yea, he didn't eat much, but ordered chicken croquetas and some sort of trout.

  • I agree.  Plus La Tasca has unlimited tapas for $30 at dinner for the month of March :)
  • Oohh, that would be awesome. And one of my friends from college is visiting next weekend. I may have to introduce him to tapas. Smile
  • I agree.  I was definitely not wow'd by the food.  My girlfriend and I went for lunch and it wasn't very busy but they took forever, brought out cold food, and the portions were microscopic for that price.  I'm always confused when I hear people rave about it.  It was just ok.  And too expensive for what it was.
  • I think Jaleo shines in their less conventional dishes.  Las Tapas while delicious, doesn't have creative things like they do.  (La Tasca is like the TGI Friday's of tapas to me, based on a visit a few years ago.) 
  • I agree with julie.  I will also say, though, that I think Jaleo isn't as good as it was several years ago when I moved here.

    I will give Las Tapas a thumbs up for their cheap HH specials though.  Love those!

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