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Baby Shower

DH neice and I are going to throw SIL a baby shower, probably in April. She is going to have a boy and I am looking on the cricut message boards and have found some cute invitations and decorations and so I am very excited about using my baby cartridge I have!

What kinds of food would you serve? I don't want to overdo it because of costs so something cheap and easy would be good. Neice is going to make the cake and I am trying to think of some cute appetizers that I could make and serve.

I know I can google but I figured some of you ladies have probably thrown showers that might have some ideas.

I am also thinking about doing a diaper cake and so I am excited about trying that out,but I will be looking at youtube and blogs to see and make sure I am not getting over my head :)

I figured we might do a few games and wondered what kind of games would be good. I know I don't want to do guess what is in the diaper. We did that at a shower and I just wasn't a fan (not sure why).

If you have receipes, websites, videos, etc would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Baby Shower

  • For my SIL's shower I made cookies shaped like baby objects (bottles, bears, diapers etc.) and then these really cute cupcakes that looked like baby rattles. I think I have pics on FB.

    For games we did the baby food tasting game, guess the size of the mother's belly and the game where you're not allowed to say the word "baby" and if someone hears you say it they get to steal something from you (we used plastic safety pins). 

    Diaper cakes are so much fun. I've made 2 so far, again, I have pics on FB!

  • I really like the pregnant lady cut (I esp like the circle feature on this cart because you don't have to piece a bunch of pieces)




    This is the invite I made for my sister.  I made two diaper cakes using the circle feature cut outs as accessories/decorations. 

    Craft Blog

    Check out her food blog, I think she has hosted a few baby showers.

    Do you have a sam's or costco membership (or know someone who does?)

    I would do chicken salad or mini deli sandwiches, cream cheese stuffed strawberries, muffins, a dip or two (spinach, chip dip, etc) veggie tray.

    You could to a cupcake tower, or get a cake from Sam's- they are pretty cheap and they decorate nicely I think.


  • for SIL's shower we did the day after christmas we did make your own sandwich. we just bought a few bags of little rolls from the bakery and cut them in half. we had sliced turkey and ham, then had lettuce, cheeses, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, etc so people could make their own. then we did a veggie tray w/ dip, a cheese ball with crackers and petit fours. we just wanted something simple. it was after the holidays and we were all still so stuffed

    as far as games, we just did the game where you can't say baby (this was hard b/c 'baby' doesn't have a name and that's the only thing we can call him! haha) I found miniature clothespins at walmart in the craft section

    Then i had everyone fill out a 'wishes for baby' card. You can download it from my blog here..if you want it in another color, let me know, and i'll change it for you. 

  • i just emailed you games that i played at one of my friend's baby showers - templates (w/ answer keys) for old wives tales (true or false), matching baby animal name up with animal and what the word for "baby" is around the world. i gave away little prizes for the winners of each of these games.

    i also brought ribbon and we all had to cut the amount we thought we'd need to wrap around her waist and then whoever was closest won. and also the clothespin game where if you said "cute" you got your clothespin taken away from you. hah.  my group of friends loves games though :) so we went all out.

     i also emailed you pics of 2 diaper cakes - super easy once you figure out what you're doing :)

    we had a fondue party for the food - lots of stuff to dip in chocolate!! and then some chips/dips.

  • ps for the diaper cake, i would suggest using the size 1 diapers since you're going to be opening the diaper cases and she cannot return. reason being - she may receive a ton of newborn diapers and the baby might grow out really quickly and/or might be too big to wear them in the first place!


    this is pretty much what i followed - but instead of having the rolled diapers show on the outside, i used unrolled diapers to "cover" the rolled ones to make the cake look smoother. (you'll see in the pic i emailed you)

    i did it alone when dh was deployed but hopefully george will be able to lend a hand or two to help put it together-  i wont lie, i had to use my feet and toes to do some of the tying, lol!

  • Thanks ladies for all your suggestions and help. I can't wait to look all this up.

    Steph--Thanks. I will look at all that when I get to work tomorrow.

    You gals are better then google :)

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