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Question about Belfast

I've posted here in the past that my DH might have the option to go to Chester, UK for a work project. I've been super excited, it would only be for a year but I think it would be a great opportunity. Today DH called to say that he was approached about working on a project that is headed to Belfast instead. I'm nervous, excited and upset all at the same time because the Belfast project is only 9 months which is still great but not quite as long as the Chester project and we wouldn't move till Jan 2011 instead of Aug. 2010. I know that this is a opportunity that not everyone gets but I've never been to Belfast and I have been to Chester so that makes me nervous. They said it's his choice about what to do technically but at the same time he doesn't really feel like he can say no. 

I guess I'm mostly venting but I'm also wondering if anyone knows what Belfast is like.  

Re: Question about Belfast

  • I've only ever been for a weekend, but it's a major city, so you'd have lots of shops, etc.  As for living there, I don't know!
    ?Transatlantic Blonde?
    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • I LOVE Belfast. I have been there a good few times now and I always enjoy myself. It's not a big city, but it's incredibly nice, good shops, lovely people and it has a chilis. I know it's not something you will be looking for if you are only there a year but after five years of living in Dublin, I needed some Chilis!

    I would go -- Belfast is brill! 

  • Would it be ridiculous to hop a ferry with a 2 month old to go to Chilis?
    ?Transatlantic Blonde?
    it's called a kilt, he's scottish
  • I live near Chester and my DH is from Belfast. Belfast is lovely, I say take it! It's a wonderful city with a great shops, sights and restaurants. Plus, you're got lots of opportunities to see some cool stuff like the Giant's Causeway in the north, trips to Dublin and beyond and of course you can always hop over to England/Scotland/Wales really easily.

    If you have any specific questions, let me know.

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