December 2007 Weddings
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need ideas

my mom's turning 50 in a month! i would've loved to take her on a cruise or go to nyc or something extravagant, but we definitely don't have the money to do that and she doesn't either. so i'd like to make her gift really special.she's really sentimental and is one of the few people in my life who truly appreciates those type of gifts.

i just found this idea and think it's so much fun! But i'm having trouble thinking of a gift idea for each decade. She was born in 1960. i know she loved the jackson 5 when she was a kid, so maybe i could do one of their cds for the 70s...but i'm blanking out on the other ones.

can you guys help me think? or do you have any other ideas for a big milestone birthday like that?

Re: need ideas

  • That's a great idea! What about getting one of those books from the year she was born. I googled and can't come up with it but I've seen them at touristy spots and maybe even Hallmark stores. You could get the one from 1960.
  • I think that's a great idea- we did a gift for each decade for my Dad when he turned 50 :)  But, instead of the nostalgia, we did things he has never done before (ride tandem race car, ride on a riverboat, tickets to NFL game..I honestly cant remember the other two).  We also did a hilarious cake (I will try to find the pic of it to show you).

    Do you need ideas for her gifts, if you plan to do the decade nostalgia thing? 

    eta*  Oh!  I just thought of something else.  What about making her a photo album of family photos from past and present and of her childhood? 

  • That's an awesome idea!  I might have to steal that for a gift for my dad...but I'll have to come up with two extra decades!

    I'll think about it a little more over the weekend and let you know if I think of anything.

    **For the 80s, you could do a collection of fun 80s movies, or you could do something about you and your brothers since you were all born in the 80s (right?).

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  • yep, i'm trying to think of things that would match up with the decade. thanks!
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