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SS: Mirror Of Erised

What is the importance of the name the "mirror of erised"? And what would you see in yours?

Re: SS: Mirror Of Erised

  • I think it's that while you can bury your heart's desire, you can't hide from it when it's exposed for all to see.  I have no clue what mine would be actually.


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  • Right now, I'm sure it would show me signing copies of my book while there are huge posters behind me indicating that its No. 1 on the NYT bestsellers list. That or me sitting with my mom, snuggled on the couch watching TV.

    I like Rev's explanation for what it means. 

  • I have no idea what it would show me..

    And I agree with what Rev said on the importance of the name. 

  • I just love that erised is desire spelled backwards. And the inscription of "erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi" or I show not your face but your heart's desire. JK Rowling is a super genius to think of it!
    My mirror would be crowded and often changing but i think I would be a successful (and very rich) writer similar to bnlchic but I would also have a big ole' pregnant belly.

  • The mirror or erised is the source of one of my favorite DD quotes of all time - "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."  I like the way they introduce this as an actual object of power - men have wasted away in front of it.  Kind of a statement about humanity - that our dreams and desires can be so strong that we would rather look at a reflection of them coming true than be out in the world living.

    I would see me in a cozy but plenty big house with lots room, kiddos running around, and most of all my parents and all my close family living nearby and not thousands of miles away :(

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  • I think Rev said it really well. It forces you to be honest with yourself about what you really want.

    To be honest, I wish I could have a Mirror of Erised. Might help me make some life decisions since I can't seem to figure out what I want to do!

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