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nella's birth story

someone posted this over here a while back. i just found it today and finally read the whole thing. sobbing ensued at my desk. luckily, my bewbies caught all the tears and my shirt was wet for a bit. haha

 ANYhow...i immediately sent it to my mom, brother's gf, sil and a friend of mine. sil and the friend are both pg. sil is due in just a few weeks and the other is about 2 months along

i just sent it b/c it's such a touching story..but then I started to think..maybe it wasn't the best idea to send it to the two pg girls. I don't want them to worry that the same may happen to them or something. Did I just make a mistake by sending that?

Re: nella's birth story

  • I don't think you made a mistake.  It's good for people to see the emotions a family goes through when this happens.  If nothing else, it starts the conversation "What if our baby has Downs?"
    My mom's coworker had her 3rd son about a year ago.  He was born with Down's Syndrome, and the dad was too upset to hold or look at him for a few days.  Maybe if they had read it, they would have been more comfortable with the shock.
  • Nope, nothing wrong with sharing it.  I just posted this a week or two ago.  It's a beautiful story.
  • I don't think it was wrong to send it to the pg girls.  Like Jess said, if nothing else, they really should have that "what if" conversation before the baby is born, and maybe this will spark that if they haven't already had it.

    DH and I talked about that a bit after I read that story.  His uncle has Downs, so I think that technically means that he and I are at a higher risk for having a child with Downs...doesn't it?  The uncle is DH's mom's brother.

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  • man i was going to read it before you said you cried like a baby. i dont want to cry right now.
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  • I wouldn't worry about it, like others said it may just open up a conversation they had never thought of before.  I think it's good to think about things like this.  BTW, I had tears rolling down my cheeks too.  She is an amazing strong woman, and the way she writes and her photography keeps me interested.  I think I read on her blog she plans to write a book.

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