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Another birthday party post - opinions please!

I'm trying to figure out when to have Maya's birthday party.  Her birthday is Sept 4th.  This baby is due Sept 3rd.  I'm preparing for this one to come towards the end of August because my ovulation date doesn't match the due date they've given me and my last u/s was measuring a little ahead.  And FWIW, Maya came 8 days early. 

SO...I don't know if I should have Maya's party a little early and hope this baby is still in there.  Or have it the weekend of or after her actual birthday with a newborn here (or take the chance of being in the hospital?)  I probably shouldn't stress about this because she doesn't understand the concept of having the party close to her actual birthday.  I'm so confused on what to do!


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Re: Another birthday party post - opinions please!

  • Could you do the party early and then just celebrate with immediate family on her birthday?  My SIL did that when DH had to go to India for 9 weeks.  He was going to miss our nephew's birthday and its his godson so she really wanted him there.  So we did it about a month early (he was 4 at the time) and honestly didn't think twice about it.  He did think it was cool that he got 2 cakes but it didn't bother him for it to be early. 
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  • I would maybe do it early too. Just so you don't have to worry about it after the baby comes.
  • Ana came a month before Katen's birthday and I SO wish I'd already had Katen's birthday party taken care of. It's so hard to juggle a newborn, and party plans, and family, and just ...everything. I vote for doing it early. You might be uncomfortable that late in your pregnancy but it's still easier than doing pretty much anything with two.

    *Bad Mom Alert* ...we still haven't managed to have Katen's birthday party. :(   lol!

    Nobody said life would be easy. Just that it would be worth it.

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  • I was in the same situation as you are now last fall.  Betsy's birthday is Nov. 4 and I was scheduled for my c-section Nov. 10.  I wanted to have her party Oct. 25 so I could get it out of the way and still be able to enjoy myself.

    Well, then Carly came early on Oct. 10 and was released from the NICU Oct. 24.  Luckily I had everything bought in September and hadn't ordered the cake.  We just postponed it to Nov. 15.  Everyone was very understanding, except my mother.  I will never forget my mom telling me how disappointed my dad (but really she)  was that I had to postpone B's party. I could not believe she wasn't more supportive or understanding.  

    Sorry to get started on my mom.  I could write a million posts about insensitive things she has said/done to us. 

    Momma to 2 sweet girls here on earth and a precious baby boy in heaven
  • did all of you ladies manage to have two young ones with birthdays so close!? Crazy!!!
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  • I would personally have it very early. I did not like having anything "hanging over my head" as my due date approached. I also think that having a party right after Baby #2 arrives would be a lot of added stress on you guys. I think it would be great to schedule it a month before your due date and just keep it small and very low key-- everyone will understand!! This year we just did immediate family, happy meals, and sesame street cupcakes and Ava was tickled pink!!
  • The twins were born on May 15 and we had Ella's birthday on June 5 which is her actual birthday. After getting out of the hospital I had about two weeks to get everything together but it worked out fine. We had the party at our house with most of it taking place outside on our deck. We have a ton of space to entertain outside and it made me stress less about cleaning inside. I think we just had some munchies like a veggie tray, chips and dip, and then cake and ice cream. I also didn't go nuts with decorating. Ella had a great time and loved it. I was happy because I didn't kill myself going over the top with decorations, party favors, and food that she wouldn't really care about anyway. She just wanted cake and presents so she was happy but I still had enough food to keep the adults happy too. No matter what, on the bright side just know that next year it will be way easier.
  • image Cygal: did all of you ladies manage to have two young ones with birthdays so close!? Crazy!!!

    I'm only remotely fertile during one month of the year.  lol!  just kidding!!! ...sort of. ;)

    Nobody said life would be easy. Just that it would be worth it.

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  • Just another thing I want to add, I would go a couple weeks later than earlier if it were me. The main reason being with the addition of a new sibling I wasn't sure how Ella would act. I thought that having her birthday party, which would be all about her, shortly after her new sisters arrived would give us a good opportunity to let her know that she is still special and shouldn't feel pushed out.
  • This is all helpful info - we'll be in a similar boat too, w/ baby #2 due 11 days after G's due date (i kind of think i'll go early due to the same reasons as you, but maybe that is wishful thinking).  After hearing the responses, i think we might do hers a little early as well.  I also suspect, however, that we do simpler birthdays than others, b/c i don't really think we'll need to have it much earlier than her actual day.  I am sure we'll just have it at our house w/ some family and friends.  That said, i am not much of a preparer before the birth of a child (and probably should be!)  I was still painting our nursery while i was contracting w/ Gretta! haha!
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