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Food Inc.

I added this movie to my queue and it arrived in the mail today... I almost had to turn it off about 15-20 minutes in, but I have it on in the background as I grade papers and play on the internet. Oh my gosh it is scary! I know it is incredibly biased and they choose extreme examples, but wow!
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Re: Food Inc.

  • Is it a Micheal Moore film? If so, that explains the bias.
  • it is one I want to see
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  • I have that on our list to see but haven't worked up the guts to watch it yet. I saw a clip of the film on Oprah a few weeks back when Michael Pollan was a guest. I cried over how they raised the chickens. Just that small clip really effected me. I picked up Michael's book In Defense of Food and learned sooo much about the food we eat. It is a must read. I have changed our diets in this house. I will only eat meat (and eggs) that has been raised and fed right. I will work up the nerve to watch the film soon. 
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  • I have watched it. Its not for the lighthearted, at all. Or if you have food aversions (like I do) It was hard to get through, but very interesting.

    I try to buy organic as much as I can, and can afford. We, well I have really cut down on meat and eat vegan/vegetarian most nights (I only eat chicken and buy it organic.) Dh, eats a lot of deer meat which is 'organic.'  It took a while for me to go back and be able to eat at a restaurant, especially go back to fast food. It really makes you think twice about what you eat!

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