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Gggrrrr Universal, you make me mad!....WWoHP

So, I'm trying to plan our Orlando trip for this spring (I want to go in April for our 1 yr anniversary) and it's pretty hard to do without knowing the opening date! There are so many deals for hotels and theme park tickets for the time we want to go because it's after spring break & before summer.....but I can't book them!! So I called yesterday to ask a question about booking a package deal with Universal I tried to get them to tell me if I am there April 14-19 will WWoHP be open? NOPE, no help at all! I guess I will just have to wait and hope there are still some good deals when they do announce the exact opending date. This is getting very frustrating!!!

Re: Gggrrrr Universal, you make me mad!....WWoHP

  • I know, I don't understand!!  You would think at this point, if they're still saying "spring," they would have an official date.  I mean April is like 6 weeks away.

    I guess it would suck if you planned a vacation based on the opening and then they had to push it back, but still - get it together people!!!

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  • I am on pins and needles waiting.  We go to Dinsey in May and I had told the girls we would go (but this was after I read they were advertising April spring break deals for HP) but now I don't know if that was true and when it will open.  I will seriously cry if it is not open yet when I go.

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  • I know June! I'm thinking of just waiting until the first of May to plan the trip...surely it will be open by then. The guy I spoke with on the phone was no help at all (he did tell me he drives by it everyday and it looks really cool though). I'm thinking if they want people to plan vacations and visit the park then they need to let us know when! Luckily my husband and I are pretty flexible as to when we can get off work, so it's not that big of deal if we have to wait a little longer...I just don't want to! But, I'm not going not knowing if it will be open because I know we won't be able to go back forever.
  • I know!  I told DH he will have to dig me out of my depression if it isn't open.  I planned for May thinking that was plenty of time, but I don't know.  We certainly won't be able to afford to go back anytime soon.

    There was an article about the park in the Boston Globe last week.  It mentioned a possible soft opening in April (so hopefully that menas people can still go) with a grand opening of Memorial Day weekend.  But they did say those were rumors and not confirmed.


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  • I've also heard that the flight of the hippogriff ride isn't going to be ready at the same time as everything else.

    I think even Universal isn't sure when it's going to be done, and they want to open it as soon as it's ready, so they don't want to give an opening date and then have to push it back. WB knows how much fans hate that move...

  • I was checking Disboards right now because they have a WWoHP thread, and there are tons of rumors. One rumor recently posted said sometime in March, but someone else is saying that Universal reservations people are telling overseas guests to not book until May if they definitely want to see it. Plus there was something about not all rides being completed at opening..?

    So, basically it sounds like even Universal has no idea and don't want to peg themselves to a specific date just in case something happens, just like pp said.

    Here's the thread if anyone is interested! Click here.

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  • noooooooo. we have a trip planned for June with my family. i'll just die if i can't ride flight of the hippogriff!!!!!
  • Maybe I should just wait until the fall....I really don't want to go late May or June because it is crazy down there then....This is frustrating!
  • I have been waiting to plan my trip too for this opening!  My H thinks I am crazy, but the Geeked in me is waiting!!  I am glad I am not the only one.
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