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Moving to KC

Hi ladies!  I am a fellow nestie living in Cleveland, Ohio and possibly moving to KC.  Can you tell me what you like or don't like about KC, where are the best places in the city to live (we would prefer to live in the city), and how the traffic is there?

We have only been there once but it seemed like a lovely area.

Re: Moving to KC

  • KC is a great place to live. We tell our single friends, it's not the best for a single person. But overall there is plenty to do - all the luxuries of a big city but it's not too over crowded or too populated. At times I wish there were more activities for younger people in their twenties besides going to the bars or something. The other thing about KC is that public transportation is horrible and it's not a very "active" city (compared to Denver, etc). Meaning, KC doesn't make it easy to bike places, they don't have a lot of parks that are kept up nicely for hiking and other activities. Not to say there are none, it's not just a priority for this midwest city.

    As far as places to live, there are a lot of nice areas. The most populated suburbs are Lee's Summit, Overland Park, Olathe. If you like the city life, downtown is growing quickly and there are plenty of good choices as far as condos, etc. Some other popular areas are the Plaza, Brookside, and Waldo. Just depends on what type of place you are looking for as far as apartment/condo/house. 

     Comparatively, traffic is relatively light here. There are areas that backup during rush hour pretty easily and you learn where they are the longer you live here.  Compared the big cities around the US, KC has pretty manageable traffic.


    Hope that helps!

  • Welcome to the area (hopefully)!

    If you want to live IN THE CITY then Kansas City, Mo is the area to be in; around the Sprint Center and Midtown are very neat areas. I lived down there for years so if you want some guidance on where to be and where to stay away from I'd be more then happy to help you out!

    If you want to consider the suburbs I would figure out where you're working before you pick an area. Traffic is nothing here compared to other areas of the country but you still don't want to live in Independence and work in Lenexa...

    KC has so much to do! The Sprint Center is only a couple years old that has great concerts and events. We have the Chiefs, Royals, T-bones, Racetrack, Roller Derby, Hockey, The Opera, Ballet, many live theaters, plenty of shopping...the list goes on and on!

    Good luck on the move and keep us up to date! 

  • Thanks so much for responding ladies!

    Thus far, the midtown area has been the area we have been most interested in looking thus far.  Work location is not too important as my office will be in Lee's Summit but I rarely work out of my office as I can work up to 20 hours a week from home and then go to businesses all over the area.  My husband will be applying to hospitals.  We do have some other factors to consider but most important really is to be in an area that is walkable to shops, restaurants, etc.  Any guidance on where to be and where to stay away is most welcome!

    We have heard a lot about OP and Leawood but not sure about living out there though I do love the idea of having Dean and Deluca in my backyard, lol.

    One thing I have noticed is that there is a lack of brick homes.  Is there a reason for that?  I would prefer a brick home but I suppose it wouldn;t e a deal breaker.

  • I've lived in just about area of Kansas City, lol. I live in Lenexa, now. I prefer it, actually. We lived in Lenexa prior to moving down to Houston for awhile. Just recently moved back to Lenexa. We are close to everything, including The Legends in KCK, downtown isn't too far, etc.

    Just kind of depends on what type of area or neighborhood feel you are looking for.

    Shawnee Mission Medical Center and University of Kansas Hospitals are wonderful places to work. SMMC has a lot of openings right now, as well.


  • I live in the Northland in Kansas City, MO I really enjoy it.  You might enjoy the condos they offer at Zona Rosa you would be walking distance to lots of shops and resturants.

  • I'd say to stay away from the Waldo area for now.  There's a serial rapist on the loose, but he's been targeting single women so far.  It's just a big thing right now, nobody wants to be in Waldo cause of this guy.
  • It really depends WHERE in midtown you would like to live. I have been living (different locations) between 41st and 35th and between Warwick and Wyandotte. DON'T LIVE HERE unless you want to get catcalled often by crazy drunks or get asked for a cigarette. If you are considering midtown I would recommend the Westport/ south plaza area. As far as Waldo goes: I'm moving to the heart of Waldo and not scared at all. If you read the police reports of the rapist, all of the women don't seem to careful. Just keep your wits about you, I'd say in midtown you have a better chance of getting broken in to then if you live in waldo and are attacked. Mortgage rates are also very low because of it. Your choice!
  • I live around 34th, just south of Westport. Though parts of Midtown can be rough, our building has strict guidelines and we've really appreciated the diversity and culture. We haven't had any problems that you wouldn't encounter living in any urban area.

    I think you just have to really trust the building management and make sure they don't let just anyone rent.



  • I live and work in OP.  I love it.  There's lots of shopping and the traffic is good.  There's lots of restaurants but not a ton of night life.  I guess it just depends on what you're interested in.


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