May 2009 Weddings
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How was your weekend?

How did everyone's weekends go?
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Re: How was your weekend?

  • I had a good weekend.  Friday we went to Olive Garden and found a nighstand we are using in our library as a little table.  After being in our house over 4 months, we are about done furnishing!

    Saturday DH and I went out to eat with my younger brother and went to a hockey game.  It was a lot of fun hanging out with my brother and the hockey game was fun.  I hadn't been to a game before so it was interesting learning about it.

    Sunday we had people over for the Super Bowl so we prepped for that and watched the game.  It was fun seeing everyone even though the Colts lost. Sad 

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  • It was a fun weekend! On Friday, we went back to DH's hometown.

    Saturday, we watched Transformers 2 (it was okay) and headed over to a friend's house who is a CPA. We found out that we OWE money (boo!) to the government for taxes but even with that hanging over our heads, we had fun the rest of the day. That night, we went out with friends to celebrate one of their birthday.

    Yesterday, we got together with some other friends for lunch and then headed back home.

     All in all, a fun weekend!

  • I can't remember Friday, lol.

    Saturday we took our dog to the vet for his annual check up.  He is healthy so that was great.  Just ran some errands and cleaned.

    Sunday morning we got new tire for my car and later we went to friend's house to watch the Superbowl. 

    Now I am trying to force myself to go into work.  I had a doctor appt this morning (got to hear the baby's heartbeat, yay!).  I suppose I will go get ready now...   :)

  • Really good :)  On Friday H & I ran errands and laid around all night.  I spent all day Saturday baking for H's company potluck and laid around Sunday :D
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  • Pretty good weekend until Sunday night.

    Friday if was snowing like crazy so H and I stayed in and relaxed.

    Saturday I worked out and can't really remember what else.

    Sunday I worked out and then did on the final stuff for the party at the station.  The party itself was fun, except because of the weather a lot of the families didn't come.  That was okay though.  The game didn't turn out in our favor, but everyone still had a good time.

  • On Friday, DH and I went out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. Then we came home and did nothing, which was great.

    On Saturday, DH went golfing while I did some shopping. We then had another night of nothing.

    On Sunday, we went to church and then I cooked a few things for our friend's party. We went to our friend's house early because she was not feeling well and wanted me to fix some more things for the party. Her H needed my H's help grilling food anyway. Then we watched the Saints beat the Colts!!

    Maddie is having fun with her great-grandparents.

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