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Weekend/Super Bowl Plans?

Congrats to Chrissy!  Make sure to show us pictures!!

Anyone else have Super Bowl plans?  Or anything else going on this weekend?

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Re: Weekend/Super Bowl Plans?

  • Tonight not too much is planned.  Maybe go look at bedroom sets.

    Tomorrow DH and I are going to a hockey game with my younger brother.  And I want to get our taxes mailed. 

    Sunday we are having people over for the Super Bowl so we'll be busy with that.

    Go Colts!

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  • Not sure what we are doing tonight.  Big storm is supposed to be heading this way so probably not much.

    H works during the day tomorrow, so weather permitting I am going to get my hair done and take our taxes to our accountant.

    Sunday is all about the Colts!  Have to run around and get the cake and other things needed for the party.  Moe's is delivering the Fajita Bars at 6 pm.  I will probably stay at the station until half time and then head over to my inlaws.

  • Tomorrow - my bro & SIL are going to be in town, so we're going out.

    Saturday - SIL's first bridal shower and probably going out with everyone after.  Not really looking forward to the shower (it's gonna include some crazies).

    Sunday - Superbowl!  We're having friends over and watching it.  I'll be making up some yummy food before that, too.
  • If it keeps snowing the way it is, we are going to be hermits all weekend!!  It's crazy out there.

    Tonight we are planning on going to a local Ag show that my company is advertising in and then going to the store to make cupcakes for Brett's office.

    Saturday I'm hoping I'll get the house clean.  It needs vacuumed like you wouldn't believe and laundry needs done.  I've been lazy this week :(

    Sunday I'll probably watch the Super Bowl, but I'm not sure.  I'm hoping it'll be a relaxing day!

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  • Tonight: we are heading to a Mardi Gras ball which will be so much fun!

    Saturday: Heading to watch my brother play his opening baseball game at his college, and preping some food for Sunday.

    Sunday: Church, and then a super bowl party at a friend's house. Go Saints! Who dat?!

     Chrissy: Good luck at your party--I think it is a really wonderful thing you are doing for them!

  • Tonight, after we work out, we are heading back to DH's hometown to spend time with his friends.

    Getting a friend to help us with taxes and going out for a friend's birthday tommorrow.

    Sunday, we'll head back home, workout and probably watch the Superbowl.

     I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

  • They are calling for about 2-3 feet of snow here this weekend - It's been coming down steady all day today and isn't supposed to stop till around 10pm tomorrow night, so it looks like we'll be stuck around the house all weekend. We might ride the 4wheeler over to a friend's house for the game on Sunday, like planned, but we'll see.


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  • Tonight I am not doing too much.  MH has been working diligently on the nursery... he has asked me to go through some bookcases and organize some paperwork so I will try and start that tonight. 

    Tomorrow we are taking our dog to the vet for his annual visit.  Then I am unsure.  Maybe movies or lunch?

    Sunday am we are bringin my car to get new tires.  Sunday afternoon/evening is Superbiwl time.  We are going to hang out with some friends at one of there houses.  I am really excited because I love both temas playing and will not be disappointed either way.  However, I will be rooting for the Saint and Who Dat Nation!

    For once we are not getting any of this crazy snow so that will be nice!

  • Tonight- going eat out with hubby. It was a good day until the last 15 minutes of work, so now I need a drink. A kid bit me because he was mad at me and having a tantrum...didn't break the skin though...he got a suspension.

    Tomorrow- making a few things for school and sewing some curtains. DH is golfing with a friend.

    Sunday- church, making some things for our friend's Superbowl party, then the party. 

    GO SAINTS!!!!

    Maddie is having fun with her great-grandparents.

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  • Today is H's best friend's birthday, and we, along with several other friends, are surprising him. He knows that he is going out to eat with his FI, but doesn't know we're all showing up too!

    Then tomorrow we're going to the same friend's parents' house for the Superbowl. It should be a fun weekend! 

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