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Daily Eating/Excercise

B: black coffee, 1 cup dry cheerios

S1: small red plum, 1 bottle h20

L: turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard on whole grain flatout wrap, 1 serving wheat thin crisps, small apple, diet coke

S2: banana, bottle h20

D: Spinach egg white frittata, mixed berries, 2 slices whole grain dry toast, 3 slices turkey bacon, bottle h20

E: 4 mile moderate run (training program), chest/biceps/abs weight training

Re: Daily Eating/Excercise

  • B:  4 Mrs. Baird's mini chocolate covered donuts.  300 Calories

    S1:  2 mini raspberry swirl cheesecake bites

    L:   Tofu fried rice

    D:  Probably nothing since I'll be at an event and they have nothing for a vegetarian except a veggie tray.  I picked up the veggie tray yesterday and it doesn't look very appetizing.  :-(

    E:  Ran/walked 30 minutes this morning.  It wasn't my normal run because halfway through AF decided to give me some cramps.  Ugggghhhh...

    Ewwwww...I think the Advil's finally kicking in. 
  • B: 2 pancakes with homemade strawberry jam

    L: leftover grilled chicken

    D: not sure yet (I honestly don't plan this far in advance in my day off!)

    E: Run 4-5 miles, some lower body weight training

    ~~run.around.aroo: The Life of the Wannabe Runner that Lives Inside Me~~
  • B:  Oatmeal, water
    L:  Turkey on wheat, soup, apple
    S:  Yogurt (activia blueberry)
    D:  Not sure, going out- hopefully fish and some veggies, maybe a glass of wine

    E:  30 Day Shred, Day 11, Level 1 (Doing each Level for 20 days)

  • B: Whole Foods apple cnnamon oatmeal

    L: Vegetarian split pea soup, whole grain bagel, strawberries/blueberries

    D: Boca buger, Alexia potato wedges, spinach salad

    S: V8

    E: 30 minutes cardio dance video
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  • iona76iona76 member
    Eighth Anniversary 10 Comments Combo Breaker

    B: Kashi Heart to Heart, sliced banana, light soy milk, coffee with Sweet and Low

    E: 35 minutes body sculpting, 60 minutes on treadmill

    L: Apple with 1 TBSP natural peanut butter

    D: Boca chicken nuggets, vegan mac and cheese, steamed green beans with lemon juice.

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  • B: lf yogurt mixed with granola

    L: lc pasta, lf biscuit

    S: banana

    D: grilled tilapia, corn, baked sweet potato, rolls

    E: rest day (per training program), but I may do some Turbo Jam abs.
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    3-11-12: Corktown 5K, 28:33 9:13 pace - 27 weeks pregnant
    3-25-12: Rock CF Island Half Marathon, 2:11:03 10:00 pace - 29 weeks pregnant
    4-16-12 Boston Marathon, deferring to 2013
    8-11-12: Run thru Hell 10 mile or 4.8 mile
    9-30-12: Brooksie Way Half Marathon
    10-21-12: Grand Rapids Marathon
    11-22-12: Detroit Turkey Trot 10K

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  • B: 2 WW waffles w/ blueberries, egg beaters, OJ

    L: turkey burger w/ cheese, handful of tortilla chips, veggies, small scoop of ice cream

    D: shrimp, noodles, steamed veggies, wine

    E: swim laps

  • B: Kashi Go Lean Crunch, skim milk, blueberries, coffee
    S: ritz crackers
    L: 2 blueberry pancakes
    S: oatmeal
    S: peaches
    D: not sure yet

    E: 60 minutes of cardio
  • E1: 30 minutes cardio kickboxing with hand weights

    B: 1/2 cup Fiber One and 1/2 cup cinnamon pecan Special K mixed with light n' fit yogurt

    L: half a steak and cheese melt, individual bag Sun Chips, fruit

    S: Kashi TLC bar

    E2: teaching 60 minute Body Attack class

    D: teryiaki turkey burger, grilled pineapple, mashed sweet potatoes

    S: 100 calorie pudding cup if hungry

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  • E1: 100 situps

    B: slice of 15 grain bread with 2/3 can of Brunswick sardines and slices of tomato, iced coffee

    S1: kiwi fruit and 1/2 mini box of raisins

    L: salad with croutons and soya chunks (TVP) and a bottle of water

    S2: mini oreos

    D: not sure yet
    E2: 15 minutes on bike

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    Sep-Nov 2010- Clomid Cycles #1&2 = BFN
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    5/11-6/11 - herbal tea regime = BFN
    7/24/2011- herbal tea regime = surprise BFP
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  • B: cereal w/ cup 1% milk

    S1: quaker rice cakes (2)

    L: PB&J

    S2: cup of applesauce

    D: idk?

    E: 30 minute circuit at Curves

    TTC #1 since January 2013.

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  • trying desperately to get back on track!

    B: coffee and yogurt
    L: small greek salad with feta
    S: baby carrots
    D: corn fritters (the recipe looks yummy!) and collard greens

    WO: 3 mile run/walk intervals, abs and pushups
  • B: veggie burger on a wheat bun

    L: piece of grilled chicken, cup of brown rice, vegetables and a weight watchers cookie

    S: 100 calorie pack of chex mix and baby carrots

    D: Not sure going out, I will try to be fairly healthy though, maybe some vegetarian pizza

    E: 30 mins elliptical, 2.5 miles on the treadmill combination jogging and power walking on an inclince and arm and back weights

  • B: corn flakes and milk

    L: random lunch of a can of turnip greens and pb&j sandwich

    D: chicken/veggie stir fry

    E: zumba class

  • B: 3 Roche Ferreros (not usually this bad), 1 banana

    Brunch: 1/2 Costco NY cheese bagel

    L: 1/2 vietnamese tofu sandwich, 1 fried banana roll (AKA turon)

    Snack: 1 Yopllait Whip strawberry

    D: 1 1/2 cup white rice with 1/4 cup kimchi and 2 in x3inc fried tofu, 1/2 cup coconut ice cream

    E: total 25 min brisk walking

  • B: 1 cup old fashioned oats, 2 tbsp wheat germ, prepared with water, 1/4 cup dried cranberries, 8oz soy yogurt, 1200mg fish oil

    S1: 2 tbsp homemade oil-free hummus,
    1 whole wheat, oil free pita

    L: 1 cup whole wheat couscous, 1/4 cup fat free feta cheese, 1 cup fresh spinach, 1 roma tomato, chopped, 1/3 english cucumber chopped, 2 tbsp maple grove farms fat free greek dressing, 1/2 cup cannellini beans, 1 med apple with 2 tbsp better n' peanut butter, 400 mg fish oil, 400 mg flax oil 400 mg borage oil

    S2: 1 fat free corn tortilla baked with a squirt of pam, 1/4 cup fat free refried beans and 1/2 cup salsa

    D: fat free sour cream smashed potatoes (with hidden squash babyfood) topping TVP and veggies for a veggie shepherd's pie, 2 cups raw spinach, 1/2 red bell pepper, 1/3 english cucumber, 2 tbsp maple grove farms fat free greek dressing, 1/4 cup fat free feta,
    1200 mg fish oil, 2 kids gummy vitamins

    S3: 1/4 cup dried cherries, 1 cup quaker oat squares dry, 1 cup fat free pretzels

    no exercise - day off

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