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Chemo and hair dye

My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer (I'm devastated) and usually colors her hair on a regular basis.  She recently started chemo, and says it's time to color her hair again.

Our question is:
are there any dangers for cancer patients to color their hair? 

Any advice/suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.

Re: Chemo and hair dye

  • Not out and out but, darker hair dyes may be more irritating and some are alleged carcinogens. Dyeing hair may cause it to come out faster, and most patients are advised not to dye their hair during regrowth for 6 months or so to allow the hair to grow more healthy. Best advice would be for her to ask her doctors.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis. A good friend of mine is battling cancer...third time.... she has set up a yahoo group for everyone to support her, and this way she can update us all at once. She also has a calendar of her needs - chemo visits etc (her hubby is an airline pilot so not always able to be there). Its been great on both sides - we are able to post encouraging support and she is able to fill us all in at once. I wish your mom the best in her fight!
  • Thank you Alisha!  I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post.  Have a great weekend!
  • hi, my mom just recently finished chemo for her breast cancer. they told her that the chemo stays in your body for a year, and will alter your hair, so she's had some funky colors show up with her normal dye. she's decided to just wait now for a while and see what color her hair naturally grows out. however, to answer your question, it's a semi-perm. she uses, and there are no problems with using it chemical wise. good luck to you and your mom, if you ever need to talk you can page me, we're finally cancer free!!
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  • That's a great idea, Alisha.

    My SIL went through chemo and radiation last year - she actually just shaved it when it started falling out. LOL. It's grown back and I don't think she has mentioned anything about dying it (she used to highlight it). I think she's kept it natural since the treatment..

    Good luck to your mom --- be strong!!


  • Oh, one more thing - she could try using Aveda color, which contains natural vegetable dyes.
  • So sorry for your mom! Mine just had her last chemo last week and is working to gain strength now. My mom lost all her hair about 3 weeks after her first chemo treatment (when it started coming out she shaved her head).

    I don't think there's any danger, but it may not be worth it to dye then lose it all shortly after. And check into her health insurance. My mom's coverage paid like $450 towards her wig. Stay strong, you'll get through this!

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