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NGPR: Help me not be such a grouch!!! venting

I am the worst, grumpiest little 3 year old trapped in a twenty five year old body when I am on my period. It is terrible, DH and I fight over the stupidest things because I have no control over my impulse to say b*tchy things! Also when he is irritating me, I can usually overlook it because really it is no big deal- but when I am on my period I cannot help but make it known that he is pissing me off.

Last night he was hanging shelf cube things in the LR and I noticed the way he was doing it wasn't going to work. I tried to say something and he gave me that "i know what I am doing" look, so I just let him continue to do what he thought would work because I thought maybe he did know what he was doing well later on I realized that what he was doing was not going to work, just no absolute way. I said something and it became world war 3- he was wondering why I didn't say something before he was almost done- then I went off about how I tried but he gave me the shut up look. Then somehow it morphed into the "well if your nose wasn't in the computer" argument.

I swear, I need a pill to make me have the same patience that I have when I am not on AF.

Thanks for listening.


Re: NGPR: Help me not be such a grouch!!! venting

  • Aww, at least it's only a few days a month.  Hopefully she leaves soon.
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  • Its ok I yelled at DH the other day  b/c I had cleaned the end tables off and he got home and started putting things on them which turned into a huge fight and me telling him that he doesnt care about me (total overreaction). Just make it up to him after AF leaves.
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