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Friend announced pg- I lost it.

You know how we post those moments when we hear of someone else's pregnancy and we just lose it?  Yep, had that moment today.  DH was on the phone with a friend he used to work with.  I hear her through the phone saying she had some great news.  Then DH says congratulations to her and he mouths to me that she's pregnant.  I figure maybe they've been trying for a while now.  So DH gets off the phone and tells me they thought about getting pregnant, tried once, and voila, baby due in March.  I started bawling!  It was one of those can't catch my breath, eyes are so swollen, whole face is red sort of bawling!!  So embarrassing.  Embarrassed  I'm fine now.  I must really be hormonal right now.  LOL!
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Re: Friend announced pg- I lost it.

  • I'm sorry.......hang in there!
  • I'm sorry that happened to you.  (((HUGS)))

    I'm upset today because a friend of mine had her baby.  I'm thrilled for her, but upset that I'm not ready to be PG. 

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  • We've all been there.  Just hang in there.  I've had more moments like this than I would like to admit.  DH just rolls his eyes, gives me a hug and cuddles until I calm down.  He knows I'm just over reacting!  After a good cry session, I start feeling really happy for the person.
  • Ugh that is the worst, you can't control it and DH thinks you're a little nuts lol.  Hang in there!
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  • I'm sorry!  I just had one of them too.  We've both been trying for over 12 cycles and now I feel like I can't comlain to her anymore (we used to commiserate together all the time).
  • I'm sorry.  I got pissy checking out at Target last night b/c our cashier may have been 16 and was ready to give birth any second. 
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  • I hear you!  Let yourself be sad.  Then, you'll find that it will pass and you can be truly happy for her.
  • I hear ya! ?DH's friend who weren't trying and are pregnant are on their way over, I told DH I was going out he is now pissed at me and I am shut in my room upstairs ~ being a big baby ~ I might come out when they get here!
  • I completely understand too. You are so happy for your friend but you are grieving that you aren't pregnant. In a sense you feel like you "lost" someone already. Don't feel bad about crying. I cry about once a month (definitely when AF comes), allow myself to be sad for a small amount of time, to grieve, then somehow find strength push out of it. But, it's not easy. Definitely not easy.

    A friend of mine lost her 7 year old son two years ago. They are now in the process of adopting 2 kids from Ukraine. I was talking with her about this exact thing...when you hear someone else is pregnant. I liked what she said, it made sense to me. She said you grieve what you don't have and want so dearly.

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  • Just want to say best of luck to you, I can only hope that you get your BFP very soon. I am sure you will. best of luckCool stay positive !!!
  • awww, Im sorry!!  I totally know how you feel!  Hopefully you'll be able to call her back with the same news in a couple days... 
  • I hope you get yours soon.  I know exactly how you feel :(

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  • Sorry to hear you had a bad day.  PG announcements like that are the worst.
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  • I am soo sorry. I hope you get your BFP soon!
  • Ugh.. that is terrible. I am so sorry

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  • I completely understand.  Everytime I get on FB i see another post about someone being pregnant....every freakn' time.  I have stopped checking FB bacuse of that... it just makes me sad.  know you're not alone.
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  • **hugs**

    I had this moment after hearing my little sister tell me that she thought she was pregnant again after just having her little boy. I couldn't even contain myself long enough to stay on the phone, I bawled my eyes out for half an hour and had to call her back. The thing is, she ended up not even being pregnant. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone and I hope that you get a bfp soon. 

  • Aw...I'm sorry.  After AF came the other week I lost it.  It seems like everyone I know is either pregnant or has kids.  I came home and cried by myself for awhile, then dh came in and asked me what was wrong and told me that I never had to be by myself when I was upset, that he was always here for me.  It made me feel a little better :)
  • I'm so soryy!  I have been there too - more than once!
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