Getting Pregnant
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I had this crazy, unbelievably realistic dream the other night (I guess that would make it "not-so-crazy" and more believable, LOL!).

 I dreamed/dreamt (sp?) that I was at a friends wedding this upcoming summer (Jul 17 to be exact is when they're having it), and I was standing with my friend (the groom) and my sister-in-law, talking to them.  Now, my sister-in-law is expecting and she's due Jul 29, and in my dream she was "ready to pop."  Here's the catch, I was expecting too!  I wasn't incredibly far along, I had just released the news a couple weeks before (in my dream).

I checked this with a "dream decoder" website, and it said that dreams of being pregnant reference a new goal or era of your life.  I would be completely ecstatic if I found out we were to be expecting!

As stupid as this might sound, my b/f and I kind of hope we're surprised with the first.  We are not actively trying, but we aren't doing anything to prevent it.  We're at a point in our relationship and our lives that we are financially stable, we own our own home, etc, etc... and being surprised would just give us the push to start our family.  That being said, I don't think anyone will be fully prepared for what to expect when a child comes into their lives, but I feel we are as prepared as we can be.

I have had dreams before, where I've had an event in the near future and I've dreamt of something specific during that event.  For example a few years ago my b/f's cousin was getting married and about 6 months before his wedding, I dreamt we were at his wedding reception and everyone was dancing, and the song "Electric Avenue" came on, and the groom was dancing hilariously - and sure enough the night of the wedding I was experiencing deja vu because of my dream - dumb dream, I know, it was incredibly funny though!

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