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Poll: Your Ringtone

I need a new one, so... 

1. What is your ringtone right now?

2. Did you download it?  If so, where from? 

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Re: Poll: Your Ringtone

  • Come On Get Higher by Sugarland.

    I get all my ringtones from

  • I have an iPhone so I just recorded the part of my song that I wanted and used it.There is a method that you do when you take it from iTunes to make it a ring tone.

    It's a song by Taylor Swift and it's "Beautiful" or something like that. 

  • image Jess437:

    Come On Get Higher by Sugarland.

    I get all my ringtones from

    That's a great site, thanks for sharing! 

  • 1. several different ones based on the caller - my newest one - Forever by Chris Brown

    2. I make them from my itunes library for free.   

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  • Mine is the guitar part of the beginning of Sweet Child of Mine.  H makes our ringtones at MP3 Direct Cut.  It's some program he found online and it's free.  You can cut and move parts of the song around to create what you are looking for.
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  • Mine is the theme from Law & Order: SVU.  I am major SVU addict!
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  • 1. What is your ringtone right now?  The opening song from Superbad.

    2. Did you download it?  If so, where from?   Yes, about two years ago from

  • Chicken Fried by The Zac Brown Band

    Got it from iTunes

  • I feel a little freaky..everyone so far seems to have just one. My RINGBACK TONE is Mozart symphony 29. But my ringtones are different for certain people. My son's is American Boy By Kanye West..My honeydip is Chrisette Michelle and My girlfriend is EVE and for everyone else its Jill Sullivan "Lions, Tigers & Bears"..whewwww
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  • 1. my default is "communication breakdown" by led zeppelin.

    2. i think the intro bit is out there somewhere.. but i really wanted the chorus, so i made it.

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  • Default is "Who Says" by John Mayer.  I used iTunes for that.  For my other ones though, I used a site called mobilespinme.  I haven't had any problems with it so far...
  • My ringtone is custom written (using the music clips on the Sony-Ericsson), because I wanted to customize its volume increase.

    But my SMS alert is downloaded.  It's the "1-Up" sound from the original Super Mario Bros.

    (I just did a search for the video game sound bites and then copied it to my phone.)

  • Three beeps, b/c I despise anything else. It came on the phone.
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  • Just a regular phone ring.
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