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Female Dominant Positions

Before I start, let me tell ya'll a little about my situation.  My situation is an interesting one.  Getting married to an awesome guy, who is my perfect man.  Super sweet, smart, yada yada yada, we all have that guy so no need in me adding more to it.  I love this man more than anything in the world, duh cause I'm marrying him.  However, he has Muscular Dystrophy.  His type only affects his arms and legs majorly, so he can't do any male dominant positions or stand up for long periods of time.  Doggy style is a fave of his, but really hard for him to do for a long enough time.  I just want some suggestions so I can vary it up from the cowgirl and missionary, despite the fact that those are both classics.  Any suggestions?

Re: Female Dominant Positions

  • My suggestion isn't really a female dominant position, but we kind of like to spoon and move our legs around to find a good spot.  By kind of rolling over on our backs it can create great access for some *frontside* stimulation. I hope I'm explaining it right.  Try it a couple times, it can usually evolve into something hot! 
  • Let's see - there's him behind you while you lie on your sides, he could be sitting down on a chair or a sofa and you could be on top, if you put your legs up (lying on your back) could he use these for support? 
  • Have you tried the cowgirl backwards? DH and I love it!!
  • DH loves the reverse cowgirl.  He says it's like doggy for the view, but it's more comfortable for me. 
  • I have a book called 365 days of sex. It's a new position for every day. It's cool because you can just flip through and see which ones you want to try.
  • If you go to they have karma sutra positions. You can look through those and probably tell which ones would be comfortable for him
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