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The Friday Five

What would the theme song be if your life was depicted as a...

1. sitcom?
2. prime time drama?
3. reality TV show?
4. sketch comedy show?
5. Saturday morning cartoon?

All music (existing theme songs, popular music, etc.) is fair game, keeping in mind that the theme for each genre should connote a vibe sort of unique versus the others.

Re: The Friday Five

  • This one is really interesting- and hard, let's try! 

    1. Sitcom: "Wake Me Up Before You Go" Wham

    2. Prime time Drama: "Love" Sugarland

    3. Reality TV: "Only Me When I'm With You" Taylor Swift

    4. Sketch Comedy: "The Way I Am" Ingrid Michaleson

    5. Saturday Morning Cartoon: "3 Best Friends" The Hangover (lol)

    Ok 40% of my songs on itunes are titled with numbers all of a sudden?! That not only made it really hard to do this, but now I have to go in and hear them to figure out which ones they are and rename them... weird.

  • Ok, so asked DH about the itunes problem...and he said he changed the song titles in his ipod so they would be in a different order.... because he can't play them on shuffle... and he didn't think it would change it in our library... woops...and here i thought we had some weird glitch. Confused


     This is really cool, MB.

    1. sitcom?  Crazy - Seal (family)

    2. prime time drama? "Under Pressure", David Bowie (Social work drama, similar to cop shows)
    3. reality TV show?  "
    Three Words" by Plain White Tees (a newlywed type reality show)
    4. sketch comedy show?  Safety Dance
    5. Saturday morning cartoon?  Upside Down - Jack Johnson

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