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personal organizer?

This is going to sound crazy, but I was wondering if anyone had a personal organizer come in and help them (for a set amount of time--not ongoing).  I'm not a hoarder, but I feel that I could use some help de-cluttering and getting systems in place.  Is this a waste of money?  Has anyone used a personal organizer?  Thanks!

Re: personal organizer?

  • You have a PM.
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  • I've never used one, but they can be awesome if you have the right person who understands how to help you create a system that works for you (not for them). Good luck!
  • I've done both, get help and give help to others. It's not a waste of time AT ALL. Go for it!
  • I did this for one of my best friends family.  They were definitely hoarders and NEEDED the help.  If you think it would be good, then it probably will be time and money well spent.
  • One of my good friends just did this and she has raved about it.  If we had the extra money, I might do this as well.  She is really happy with the results...the organizer really worked WITH her rather than FOR her.

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  • I have never hired anyone.  I have just struggled along by myself and conquered one small thing at a time.  It still surprises me that people think I'm really organized.  Either I've gotten better, I hid the chaos well or other people are just trying to be nice.  I hope it's the first one.
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