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Show of hands: who gained more than a cup size

because of birth control pills?  I've never heard of BC subbing in for implants.  Anyone?

In case you're wondering where everyone went:

Re: Show of hands: who gained more than a cup size

  • My boobs didn't grow between 14 and 22, but birth control made them increase by 3 cup sizes!

  • Mine did. More than a cup size too.
  • My boobs grew so much that i had to get them reduced....i never thought of going off the pill. Huh?
  • When I went off of BCPs my boobs felt lighter, but they didn't go down in size.  I wish that they had since I'm a DD.
  • no but I was on a BCP that helped reduce my boobs and i was thinking of changing my BCP but my OB told me if I did then my boobs will get bigger..ugh that suxks::inserted KitCat mode:::

  • If I knew for a fact that I could go down to a B cup if I went off the pill, I would do it and we would just have to go broke buying an IUD.  I'm a D (borderline DD) and I've been at least a C up or bigger since I was 14/15 years old.  My insurance would probably cover the cost of a reduction, but we can't afford for me to be out of work for recovery (takes almost a month).

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  • Mine just went from a B to a C.  Not a huge change like a few of you.
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  • I went from a C to a DDD (although that was a combo of getting on the pill and just getting fat), so I probably actually went from a D to a DDD. I can't wait to get a reduction. It's killing me. My problem is that once my boobs gain weight, they're the last place to lose it. So, the last time I lost weight, I went down 20 pounds and my boobs didn't budge. If I lose the 40 pounds I need to, I'd look severely disproportioned.
  • Having a baby made my boobs grow a few sizes.  They never went away either.


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  • well i have gained weight while being on BC so yeah my boobs increased but i'm not stopping BC and it is not the end of the world.
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  • Mine actually got bigger when I went off BCPs, but I attribute that more to gaining about 5 pounds than I do to hormones.

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  • When I was very heavy, I was a C - D cup. I hated it.

    I lost weight and was a more manageable B cup. 

  • I was a small A before BCP, and went up to a full B on them.  Now I'm back to an A, and hoping I get my Bs back when I have kids. 

    ETA:  Woah, just read the thread that I assume inspired this spin-off.  As much as I miss having larger breasts, having a sex drive again (not to mention the lower risk of blood clots) is definitely worth it for me!

  • I went from a B to a full C which for me is the perfect size. 
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  • I never did.  I thought they actually got smaller. 
  • 2 cup sizes here.  36 A to 32 C... 
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  • image zelda25:

    because of birth control pills?  I've never heard of BC subbing in for implants.  Anyone?

    I went from a small C or high B to a D or DD.  


  • image zelda25:

    because of birth control pills?  I've never heard of BC subbing in for implants.  Anyone?

    I went from a small C or high B to a D or DD.  


  • I don't know if it's bc or just natural growth, because my mom's boobs grew long after puberty was over too, but within the time I've taken the pill, I've gone from a 32C to a 32DD.
  • No. Not one little bit.

    I was a 32A at 14 when I got on BCP and still am at 23. Sad

  • Mine have increased in size but not a ton.  I have also only put on a few pounds after being on BC for about a year.  I think my doc really helped with that one!  She told me that the main reason women gain weight on BC is beacuase of the increase in cravings and hunger.  BC makes me crave more unhealthy foods and makes me feel hungry more often than normal but if I am concious of it I can keep the weight off.  (needless to say, lately I havent really cared much and I have put on some weight! Tongue Tied)  I'm hoping that once I lose a little weight they will shrink some, clothes arent fitting so well up top these days!


  • me!! and i started taking prenatal vitamins. gained another cup size! (i was A before all of it)
  • I started with a pair of 34Cs when I was 12, then got on the pill right after I turned 13 and by 15 they were 34DDs, then I dropped back down to 34Cs, then I got off the pill and they stayed there until I got pregnant at 18 which made me lose 15lbs at least so they dropped in size some more, but by the time my milk came they went back up. So now I'm a 32DDD. So for me, the pill I guess made them a bit bigger but I can't be sure since I started really early growing breasts and then was really young when I got on the pill. Really breastfeeding made them grow more than anything hahaha!

  • I went from being a 36C/D to a 36FF. It sucks. I can't wait for my insurance to cover the reduction surgery.
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  • One cup size larger. I almost wish I had stayed on the pill and not bothered getting DH fixed. 
  • Nope.  I was a 34B before I went on the pill, I was a 34B while I was on the pill, and I'm still a 34B now that I'm not on the pill any more.  I was really hoping to get a bit of a lift when I first went on BC, but I've gotten much more comfortable with myself in the past four years, so I like them now.
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  • I went from a 32B/C depending on the bra to a 32C/D depending on the bra. 
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  • I gained about 1 1/2 cup sizes on BC. Since switching to a non-hormonal IUD they have deflated again.

    I think that for me it was related to gaining wait and retaining water.

    My husband sure enjoyed it while it lasted :), but I have a much higher sex drive now, so he isn't complaining.
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