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Wedding day Blues -two months later Please help

We have been married now for two months as of yesterday... It has been a very long two months.... Because of the wedding...



This is what happened and I would like your purest option ever!


So two weeks before the wedding.....was the one last night our with the girls I went to Springfield, to be with my friends/family. He went to Texas because his friend just moved to Texas.

That night started out great! Ended the worst i thought ever! My sister ended up hitting me...not just ha ha funny hit like a punch in the face! I got not just one black eye but TWO!!! did I menchin that she is my MOD? Yes she is/was at the wedding.

The black eyes went away before the wedding.  I thought it was going to be great! The wedding!! I know that my parents and my now husband have had some words before because my parents it is really werid it is like they didn't want me to more to KC to go to school and to be with Jeff. He has a great job and I have need to move up to KC because there are so many more opporunities here. Anyway, the day of the wedding he here and everything was great!!! The picture went great! We went to Chipolte to eat lunch after the pictures and they paid for the WHOLE wedding partys lunch it was crazy!!! LIke a dream really.. I was so happy!!!


It all started falling apart during the dollar dance...my mom thought she need to go dance with Jeff (my husband) some kind of conversation happened and my mom has her side and jeff has his i don't personally care who said what or what happened my mother is an adult and she knew this was a once in a life time day.. She should have kept her mouth shut!

Well Jeff was crying up stairs and I went up there and our groomsmen were talking to him and I went to talk to him. Then we went down stairs, my aunt (moms sister) started talking to him, again don't care what or why or how, should have kept her mouth shut. I was dancing with my friends and saw this...and by the time i saw what was going on and went up to were this was going on they were gone I went out side to look for her...that was the last straw,...not as my wedding not ever!

I was breaking down hard!  Andrew the best man, saw me and followed me and i was crying and crying and crying...he calms me down...i was going to leave with Jeff to go to the hotel. I come around the front of the building.  My dad was pulling the car around and my mom was there and talking at me and said, "well your don't want us here it looks like so we will go" I tried to tell her that I did want her there and so on and so forth, but she wouldn;'t listen. she just kept talking then Andrew (best Man) stepped in and said that she shouldn't have said anything to jeff or whatever. My mother slaps Andrew, Jeffs (husbands BEST FRIEND). My uncle (mothers sisters husband) pushes Andrew, and my aunt comes after me...I start yelling and say, "you have made this the F*&^ing worst day of my life. You could have stopped it.  You make the process the worst and there were more bad words and such...So they left and I just walked down the back to the car and andrew followed and he put me in his car and got jeff and we went off to the hotel....I was hyperventleating and he went in to get the hotel key he hit a poll. 


Not the smartest thing he has ever done....We get in the hotel room and he says his hand hurts and i knew it was broken....and the next monday we went to the ER and it was broken...I am in school and he works as R.F Fisher Electric.  He was out of work for 6 weeks....Just married and out of work and nothing but the wedding to think about.  It was bad...


My family didn't call me on Thanksgiving, no one did.It took two weeks for anyone to call me...I didn't want to call them because it was my wedding the one day i get to be special and get the attention...(because i never want the attention) we are still having thoughts of this day..not good ones, like we should have.  I dont know if i will ever forgive my family. for the comments like this would have been a better wedding in Springfield or things like that.

On that day never once did anyone from my family tell me I looked beautiful...I just want this to go way...Can anyone help us forget this day or mute the awful things that happened that day?

Re: Wedding day Blues -two months later Please help

  • You have gotten excellent advice on the other board.

    Do yourself a favor: clean up your grammar, spelling, syntax and overall composition of this post. I can't make heads or tails out of it.

  • Why would you want to forget it? Good experiences, bad experiences - they make us who we are.

    While the whole thing may not have been the perfect day that you imagined, didn't get wind up married at the end of it (forgive me if you didn't - I got lost in the verbage)? The marriage is what is important - the day is just a day.

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  • I also had a hard time following, but I guess my advice would be this: if it is that bad of a memory, have another small reception/house warming party with just friends. Invite the people you want to spend time with. Wear your dress again if you want to. Take pictures. Enjoy the people that want to be with you. Good luck.

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