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It is SOOO one of those days for me!  I woke up at 8:40 which is the LAST possible moment I can leave my house in order to get to work on time by 9:00 A.M.  So automatically I know I am going to be late for work.  I didn't set anything out to wear last night so it wasn't like I could just throw clothes on..I had to go tackle the closet! So--I am wearing the most HORRID outfit (tan pants, black sweater, and black flats) sounds not too bad, right? WRONG!  The tan pants are entirely TOO TIGHT on me, I look like a stuffed sausage, these are sooo going in the garbage when I get home!  The black sweater/shirt thingy is OK..not my fav. and I have only worn my new flats once before today so they still aren't worn in and they HURT!  I had NO time to put makeup on so I look sickly! And my hair is in a BRAID down my back.  It is allll just terrible, hideous! And IDK about you guys but anytime I am having a bad hair day/clothes day/whatever it affects my work..I like can't concentrate! So like I said, I am having one of those days..rant over. Stick out tongue

Re: AHH!

  • LOL, I just have the funniest mental picture of a punky brewster like chick invading the courthouse today. :)  All you need is pig tails instead of a braid.

    I started off on a sour note, too.  I've been bringing my cereal from home and then buying my milk in our cafeteria.  I get all the way back up to my desk and take a huge bite of cereal only to realize the milk was bad.  I looked at the date on the carton and sure enough it had expired.  So then I had to lug my 7 month pregnant lard arse back down 17 flights and waddle to the cafeteria to have them replace the milk and the cereal the sour milk ruined. Grrrrr.

    Oh and the shirt I'm wearing doesn't completely cover my belly anymore, so my totally sexy hot maternity belly panel is sticking out a little bit when I walk.  I should've looked in the mirror better before I left this morning.

    ~DD born 3-25-10~DS born 6-5-12~
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  • Oh, come on! maternity belly panel is be HAWT!, what are you talkin' about? Stick out tongue LOL.  Did your cafeteria replace the cereal with no problem? I sooo wish I worked in a big building with a cafeteria!  I'd never go hungry..(which might actually be a problem!haha).  And lastly, I honestly look like punky brewster running the Court today!  Thankfully we have no hearings today because if we did, I'm pretty sure attorneys would think it was take yuor daughter to work day and thats why I'm here...
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