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Pole Dancing classes

Are there any pole dancing classes or classes like that in the area (I live in New Britain and work in Somers/Enfield). My girl friends and I are looking for something out of the box to do instead of just shopping and having lunch each time we get together to hang out. Any information would be greatly appreciated. :)

Re: Pole Dancing classes

  • my surprise bachelorette was at Pole Control Studios on Pratt St in Hartford. It was a private class and nothing short of amazing! I can't tell you how much but they do have a website! We were all sore and tired after, it was a great workout!
  • I took a class in Plainville at Core Stuios.  It was a blast!
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  • there are 2 places in Hartford.  (i've been pole dancing for FITNESS strictly since like, may 2008...)  it really depends on what you're looking for...but here's my take on both...

     Fuller Movement is the first.   you can take 6 weeks of classes, be prepared to share a pole with up to 4 other girls.  i took classes there for almost a year, and finally had enough of the owner's BS and left.  (most girls i know who have gone don't go back for the same reason...the owner doesn't really value her clients much).  she requires you to buy the stripper heels, and the classes are more "sexy-focused' instead of fitness focused.  also, the poles are all stationary (they don't spin on their own, you have to propel yourself around them.)  there are 2 websites for this one... and

     the other is Pole Control Studios, as one of the PPs mentioned (Lauren, you inspired me to check this place out!  i LOVE it).  i joined last week. it's definitely more expensive than Fuller, but you can sign up for individual classes or you can do a 3-pack, 6-pack, or monthly memberships.  this is more fitness focused...they really emphasize that you aren't there to learn to strip, you're there to have great fun and get really strong.  they use all spinning poles and don't make you wear shoes (they actually encourage you NOT to wear the shoes).  website for this one is

     i would 1,000% recommend pole control over fuller.  let me know if you have any questions!! 

  • oops forgot 1 thing...Pole Control has 9 poles, so no sharing at all :)
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