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SIL just came on msn and told me what MIL did to her today.  Her boyfriend AJ called and she wasn't home and MIL asked 'is this Josh?'  Josh is the name of her ex!!!  Needless to say SIL or her current boyfriend aren't happy right now...

I just think it's a very funny slip up. Especially since her and Josh haven't been together for a long time.

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Re: Bahahaha

  • This actually happened to me, too!  Andrew and I lived within walking distance from each other so we'd always just walk to each other's house when we wanted to see each other.  When he and I had been dating maybe 2-3 months he left the house and was walking home and my next door neighbour said to him "Oh, you must be Devon's boyfriend, Dominic" (Dominic is the name of the boyfriend I had before Andrew)  Andrew was like, "Uh, no I'm Andrew" and my neighbour was like "Oh...did I just get her in trouble?"  Thankfully Andrew and Dominic had met a few times and Andrew just laughed it off!
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  • Oh that is funny!

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