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Need advice: Interview - what to wear?

There was a similar post awhile back asking for advice about what to wear to an interview and you girls seem to know your stuff, so here's my question:

I have an interview tomorrow for a position at a hospital and I'm trying to decide what to wear. ?My standard interview outfit is a traditional black skirt suit. ?I always feel like such a clown in it but I know it's probably the appropriate thing to wear. ?

Is there any way I could get away with just a nice pair of pants and a short sleeve blouse? ?It's the middle of summer for crying out loud. ?Or is the jacket absolutely necessary? ?If I wear the jacket then I have to wear the skirt because it matches and the skirt requires pantyhose. ?The jacket doesn't look right with the pants. ?Or can I wear the skirt with a blouse and no jacket?

?Advice please!

Expecting Baby #1 12/3/13

Re: Need advice: Interview - what to wear?

  • I say always the suit to err on the side of professionalism. Sorry.

    I mean if it was a "non-professional" interview maybe. I remember having to interview in this heat and it sux. ?But I would wear the suit if you really wanted the job...GL!

  • Ditto MrsEvans, definitely the full suit.  Sorry!  I know that's not the answer you were looking for. But if it makes you feel any better, from what I hear pantyhose aren't a requirement anymore.
  • yeah, ditch the panty hose and wear the suit!
  • SG5506SG5506 member
    Ninth Anniversary 500 Comments Combo Breaker

    full suit, whether it be a skirt or pants.

  • I'm doing interviews this summer too,  so I feel your pain.  But you really can't ditch the suit jacket,  for an interview you have to be business formal.   Wait to put it on until right before you go in the door,  since they will most likely have air conditioning.

    Do take everyone's advice though and ditch the stockings,  I've never wore stockings in my professional life.

  • Sorry, sweetie - full suit for sure!  I was just on an interview a few weeks ago, and the HR lady actually commended me on wearing the suit, even though it's summer and we were in the middle of a heat wave.  She said she hates when people come in less-than-professional attire for a professional position. 

    GL on your interview!! Smile

  • Ditto everyone else.  Definitely ditch the stockings, though, and maybe even go peep-toe with your shoes. 

    I would invest in a sleeveless shirt that is appropriate for under the suit, though.  It's the best thing for summer suit wearing.

    Oh, and if you are anal about the stockings (some are) you could also pair your black suit jacket with grey pants.  You'll still look formal enough without the stickiness of stockings.

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  • suit...sorry

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  • Thanks girls! I wore the suit and I think it went really well. ?I'll find out next week!
    Expecting Baby #1 12/3/13
  • It really depends on the position you are interviewing for... if you suspect your manager may wear a suit (even if for meetings, not for interview), I'd wear one.  However, I am in MIA, so I can understand the heat situation... so I NEVER wear pantyhouse.  I see them as antiquated, JMO. 

    GL at the interview.

    -- Jackie
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