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I am so embarrassed for Anderson Cooper

Kathy Griffin is such a weirdo. How did he ever end up doing the countdown with her?!

Re: I am so embarrassed for Anderson Cooper

  • Kathy Griffin makes me laugh. She goes too far sometimes, but I still get a kick out of her. Usually. I was practically in tears I was laughing so hard at her talking about Miley Cyrus and her preformance at the TCA.

  • She has got to be loaded.  Did you hear her cocaine comment?  holy ***.  Poor "Andy."
  • I think her brand of comedy has its place even if I'm not keen on it but her paired with him makes me feel all squirmy and wtf. Some of her comments have been really off color. It Anderson Cooper ffs, lol.
  • Yeah, it's like someone let a foul mouthed tramp set next to the duke of york at a televised dinner or something.  Maybe she's funny but not next to him.
  • She must be doing something right -- it's like the third year in a row that she's co-hosted with him. CNN and AC know what they signed up for.
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