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Robert Langdon = Tom Hanks

I'm currently reading Lost Symbol and no matter how hard I try not to, Langdon is so Tom Hanks in my mind.  It's not bad, but I always like to have my own vision of the characters, not Hollywood's vision.
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Re: Robert Langdon = Tom Hanks

  • Tom Hanks would not be my first choice for Robert Langdon, so that would be *really* distracting.

  • That happened with me with Harry Potter.  But they all fit it so well that I just kept those images.


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  • Robert Langdon is compared to Harrison Ford in Da Vinci code, so that's how I want to picture him. But thanks to the movies, Tom Hanks's image always pops up.

    I wrote this! 
  • That sucks! Toms Hanks is sooo not Robert Langdon IMO.
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  • I was reading Angels and Demons when I found out he was playing Langdon in the Davinci Code movie.  I could see him and here is voice when I was reading Langdon's quotes.  I like Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon.
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  • I like Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon too...Embarrassed
  • I can see Tom Hanks in the role now that I've seen the movie, but beforehand I thought the casting was just awful  I'm sorry, but Langdon is supposed to be Indiana Jones, not Josh Baskin.  Supposedly Harrison was "too old" for the role.... but then he went and made Indy 4, sooooo

    Harrison has been replaced in films by Mel Gibson (The Patriot), Russell Crowe (Proof of Life), and George Clooney (The Perfect Storm), and he replaced Kevin Costner (Air Force One was written for Costner - Costner's role in Dragonfly was apparently written for Ford).  He and Alec Baldwin have been up for the same roles. Also: Nick Nolte, Warren Beatty and Val Kilmer.  He turned down Sam Neill's role in Jurassic Park.

    If those are your choices and you're looking to replace Harrison Ford, I think I'd go with Keven Kostner.  Langdon needed the sexy professor vibe and no offense to Tom, but "sexy" is not the first word I think of when I picture him.

    Mel, Russell and Nick are crazy, Warren's too old, Alec's too smarmy, Val... I just don't see him as a puzzle-solver, he doesn't tend to pick the smart-guy roles.  Clooney is too... I don't know.  It's a different kind of sexy - I always picture him in a suit.  Sam Neill might have worked as Langdon, but he's almost as old as Ford.  But Costner is only a year older than Hanks, and he has a similar look to Ford.  I'm not saying he would have been better, but it would have been interesting.


  • Kay, I could see Val Kilmer in the role of those you long as the casting got him to turn the keg back into a six-pack.  I've been a Kilmer fan since Real Genius and Top Gun.  (My X was in the Navy and filmed with him on the ship - even got a couple cameos - and everyone raved about what a nice, regular guy he was.  Same reason I was a big Anthony Edwards (Goose and then ER) fan.  Nice guys should finish first.)

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