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Vent about flying home

So... We left Oakland on Tuesday. We flew southwest.

Our plane was a little delayed (10 min). They loaded everyone on. Then the wonderful news of a light was on about the brakes. We had to switch planes. OK fine with me. We were a little worried since we only had a 40ish min connection in Midway (Chicago). They got on and said that Midway was going to hold everyones planes. Yea! Happy Dance!

So we get into Chicago an hour late. Right before we land, one of the flight attendants came up to us and told us we would have to overnight. DAMNIT! We go up to the counter and she says to run and we could catch our plane. We get there and it is pulling away!!! THEY COULD HAVE HELD IT  FOR 5  MINUTES FOR US TO MAKE IT ON, BUT NOPE!

All pissed off. Tired. Want to be home. And Im pissed since we could have spent one more night with my parents who we don't see much.

So we spent the night at  Hampton Inn (Southwest paid). We got a food voucher for TGIF (a total of $24 for 2 people). We ended up spending a lot more since DH  had 3 mixed drinks. And we both ordered appetizers. 

Got back to the hotel and pretty much passed out. We didn't have our luggage so had to wear our same clothing the next day. Our flight left at 7am. Was a litlte pissy too because we had to stop in Philly first. And the flight that  left at 9am was direct and got in before us. 

We got out, got our car, picked up the dogs. Oh that was the happiest thing. Seeing their happy faces. They were so excited!  

Was supposed to work today, but didn't. Was absolutely exausted.

Oh and to top off yesterday, we got Little Caesar's Pizza and it gave me the worst indegestion and heart burn. Was so tired but could'nt sleep because of it. Heart burn is one thing that I am getting all the time now that I am pregnant..

 We are going to write Southwest a letter complaining and hoping for something nice from them... 

Re: Vent about flying home

  • That happened to me with Continental once- it was a big pain.
  • That totally sucks! I hope the compensate you.  Some airlines get you home via the earliest flight, some via the cheapest flight, and some via the arrival time.......would have been nice if Southwest picked the arrival time.  

    I have found that telling them exactly what I want works best.  I had a similar flight fiasco with Airtran and told them that the only way I would ever fly their airline again is if they gave us each a free round-trip flight.  It worked.  There was no dollar amount tied to the voucher, they were simply for 1 round-trip travel each. 

  • Ugh, that sucks.

    I had Little Caesars the other day and thought I was going to die the next morning.

    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
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