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Need motivation for last week of training...

My first half marathon is a week from Saturday (in Disney World) and I'm having issues focusing this last week.  I ran a little over 7 miles last Sunday and then found out that night that a family member passed away unexpectedly over Christmas.  DH and I are driving to the funeral this weekend (VA to IN) so I doubt I'll get in anything but a short treadmill run over the weekend.  I have zero motivation right now because of feeling sad/depressed about my cousin.  I'm hoping by next week I'll be more excited about the trip and the race.  I hope I don't ruin months of training by sort of giving up the last week.  I'm going to run at least 30 minutes today, run again on Saturday if I can, and at least once or twice  next week before we leave Thursday but nothing long distance.  Ugh.  

Re: Need motivation for last week of training...

  • I'm sorry to hear about your family member passing :(

    What has your longest run been so far? 

    I had a horrible cough for a month before my first half, and the week before, I just felt awful and so drained.  I did absolutely no workouts that week for my half.  None.  I did my last long run of 10 miles that Sunday before, and took the whole week off.  I ended up feeling great on race day, and very well rested.

    So my point is, as long as you've done the training up until now, I really wouldn't worry about getting any more distance if.  If you can squeeze in a couple of shorter runs, that's fine, but don't overdo it.  You're supposed to taper some this coming week anyway.  Good luck, you'll do just fine in your race!

  • I'm sorry to hear about your family member.  It's gotta be hard to focus during this time.

    What about if you thought about doing the race to honor your family member.  Think of it as a memorial run.

    T&P to you and your family.

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Even in the midst of this, I think you can still do fine in your half marathon. Overall, it's good to taper some before your race. I think I ran only twice the week before my first half marathon, and I ended up beating my goal time. I hope you still enjoy the trip and the race.

    On a non H&F note, maybe you'll even want to think of the race in honor of your loved one and wear ribbon or other symbol on your jersey in their memory? Or, you could consider making a donation to a cause they supported in honor of them and your half marathon.

    Best of luck and thoughts and prayers to you during this tough time.


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  • First, I'm very sorry for your loss.

    Second, ditto what pp said about tapering.  You'll be fine, the hard work is behind you. 

    I also love the idea of honoring your family member.  When I ran my marathon, I litterally teared up at the people running with a photo clipped to them that said "not long enough in our lives, but forever in our hearts..." or something of that nature.  It just seems really special. 

  • Thanks ladies.  The longest I've run outside is 9.5 miles and 12 miles on the treadmill.  We had a huge snowstorm the weekend before Christmas and I stopped running outside because of weather and taking DD out in her jogging stroller.  DH and I did long runs together but we didn't want her to freeze so we started on the treadmill.

    Thanks for the memorial ideas.  I'll try to think of something.  My cousin used to compete in bicycling races and he used to run too.  I'm not too worried about getting a good time in the race since its my first half marathon so I think I'll be ok.  I just wish I could get more into the spirit of it but maybe I will once we get down to Disney.  We leave a week from today actually, crazy stuff. 

  • I'm sorry for your loss.

     It sounds like you are plenty trained though with 12 miles under your belt. Some training programs would even have you taper this week before the half. The spirit and energy of the course will help carry you through the last couple miles. Just be suer to pace yourself and enjoy your run. This is your first 1/2 so be sure to take in all the sights and sounds.

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  • I think you'll be fine, this week you cut your mileage back anyway, so it's like your taper. I've only run one 1/2, but I got injured and barely ran the week before.

    I'm sorry for your loss. I think doing the half marathon will be great for you, something happy and exciting to take your mind off your family for a bit. Good luck!
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