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Muscle Relaxer?

So I have had a terrible stiff neck for days and it keeps getting worse. This morning the pain was terrible as the advil wears off during the night.

So I went to the Doc at work and he gave me a muscle relaxer to help. Thing is, I can't drink on it and it is New Years Eve and we are having a party.

Does a muscle relaxer really make it better? Because right now, I might be willing to give up drinks for no more pain. Or if I take it, will I be a major Debbie Downer as I won't be able to stay awake?

Re: Muscle Relaxer?

  • What exactly is it?  And dosage?
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  • Flexaril 10 is all I can read
  • NYE a couple of years ago i hurt my tailbone, and all i did was pop muscle relaxers and drink wine...I had a great time.

    [However that is not a safe thing to do.  ]

  • I take that for my back.  I need to take that for a day before it really starts working and if I haven't taken it in a while it will knock me out (you need to build up a resistance before you're not really sleepy taking them).  Good thing is that when you're knocked out you don't feel the pain!  If you want to drink tonight, instead I would try rubbing some icy hot on the spot to keep that area a bit numbed so you can drink without passing out from the Flexeril. 
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  • Have you tried Bengay, Absorbine Jr. or a heating pad?  I find a combo of bengay and the heating pad can do wonders.

  • I have been using my heating pad... I even brought it to work (I sit in my own office so really not many will see me). Need to pick up some creme still.
  • I had wicked low back pain yesterday morning and I took 800mg ibuprophen (= 4 regular advil) and used a heating pad and it helped a lot.  every 8 hours.  Maybe try that with the bengay like the other ladies mentioned and see if that helps.
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  • yeah i would lay off the muscle relaxant for tonight.  it may knock you out.
  • One other thing...don't use the heating pad with icy hot or a menthol creme like that.  You can end up burning yourself because you won't realize how hot the pad is getting on your skin.  I would try the menthol type creams tonight with some aleve so you can have some drinks and then start the muscle relaxers tomorrow if you're just going to be laying low. 
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  • Flexeril knocked me on my ass and I have the drug tolerance of a Colombian heroin mule.

    I wouldn't combine.

    Yeah that's right my name's Yauch!
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