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really, people? it's just a parking space...

I was in Clarendon at the Market Common tonight and two a-holes (both driving shiny, new BMWs) were fighting over a parking space. to the point where one actually bumped the other's car on purpose. there was shouting getting out of cars, threats, the police were supposedly summoned (so said the guy from the Apple store)...I didn't stick around to see if they actually showed up to waste their time on these douche bags.

first, there's a whole effing garage available that it only costs like $1.50 to park in (how do I know? because I parked there quite easily). second, it's just a parking space...get over it!

Re: really, people? it's just a parking space...

  • This made me laugh.  People are stupid.
  • this is hysterical.

    when we lived in savannah, parking was so ridiculous - that after 5 mins of trying to get a spot, we parked illegally and ate the $15 ticket. soooo worth it in times of desperation.

  • Oh, I was there tonight too! I must have missed it... sad. :-P
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  • But the parking garage must have been "miles" away and that means they have to walk farther. *note sarcasm* I hate people like that, a.k.a. my dad.
  • This is mean, but I hope both cars got a little scratch from bumping one another. That is ridiculous!

  • Funny - and once upon a time there wasn't even a garage to park in there!

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  • Idiots!  I'll never understand people who fight over parking spaces.  As if you're not going to get out and walk around anyway...
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