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I'm feeling more excited than H

My husband has been looking for a job now for about a year. He has done some construction work and some subbing and even applied for a government job that he almost got but couldn't pass the final test. Now he has two interviews for next week and I'm so excited! I know that I shouldn't count the eggs before they hatch sort of thing, and I know that he's excited too, but he also seems kind of skeptical. I know that they are not the kind of job he had orginally envisoned, but it would be a good starting point for him. Is there anyone else that is helping their husband find a job or is trying to encourage him to try something new? How do you get your husband excited about interviews and the job hunt?
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Re: I'm feeling more excited than H

  • It's hard being in that situation.  And especially for men I think it can be different because they be feeling all "mannish" in that they think they should be able to be supporting their family, and if they're out of work, it's not happening.  I get the skepticism too - more like cautious optimism because you don't want to be too disappointed if you don't get a job offer.

    Bottom line:  you can't make him get excited about it.  Just be supportive, give him that ego boost for when he does interview, and let him power through it.  I'd only start trying to step in if he loses his motivation to be job searching - then it's time for a kick in the keister.

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  • He may not be excited because he doesn't want to get his hopes up; if he's been looking for a year, he's probably pretty cautious and not too optimistic.

    Just follow his lead on things and be a sounding board, not a board of directors.  If he gives up on the job hunt and starts sitting on his bum playing video games all day long, then take a more active role, but otherwise be a bit restrained.

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  • Being jobless can be very frusterating, emotional and nervewracking.  If you get really excited about something that does not come to fruition, then those feelings can multiply.  I totally understand why your husband isn't jumping for joy - he isn't counting his eggs before they hatch. 

    You aren't going to be able to "make" your husband get excited.  What I would suggest is to help support him to make sure that he is ready for the interview.  Does he have an interview outfit that he feels the best in?  Wash and iron it for him. Does he want help in role playing his answers for the interview?  Etc, etc.  The key here is to ASK him what he needs.  And if he says nothing, then respect that. 

    I wish your DH luck in getting a job!

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  • I've been unemployed.  And after you send out hundreds of resumes and get all of FOUR interview requests (and I had 10 years experience in my field and a related degree)... it starts to get a little discouraging.  At first you get excited about the interviews... but with each job that appears to be a bad fit, and each recruiter you never hear back from... you stop getting your hopes up.  My H was just like you... would pump me up for getting an interview.  He truly thought that THIS was going to be IT.  I appreciated his support, but couldn't bring myself to get as excited just because I knew what the realistic outcome would be.

    Support him and be excited for him.  That's wonderful!  Just don't get upset that he's not quite jumping up and down yet.  When he gets that job finally... THEN he will be ecstatic.  When I got the call for my current job, I ran around my house for about 15 mins- dancing, screaming and laughing.  Just look forward to that moment.

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