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Naming a Star for V-day gift

So I am thinking of purchasing a star naming kit for my DH for Valentine's Day. What do you guys think? I know that it wouldn't be offically recognized and that it is just a novelty gift but I think the gesture is a nice one. Please share your thoughts. Also, if you have done something like this, what site did you go through?

Re: Naming a Star for V-day gift

  • I think it's could be cute.

    Is he into stars? does he want to get into stars? does he have biniculars or whatever to see the star you buy? Is he into the cheesy gifts?


  • While I would appreciate this gift and think it's pretty cool, my H would think I had gone stupid if I got him something like this.  Unless your DH is really into astronomy or a super gushy sentimental romantic type, I'm not sure this would be the best idea. 
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  • I'm not a fan.  If you dont want to get him an actual object, there are plenty of charities where you can give something tangible. 

  • That's more like the kind of gift a guy would get for a girl, ya know?
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  • If it's something he'd be into, it's cool.  I've only heard of one site for it (but i guess there are probably others), international star registry or something like that.
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  • I can't believe we are already talking about V-day gifts!

  • Personally, no I would not like this as a gift.  I mean  I would smile and say thank you, but I  would much rather my DH spent the money on something more tangible.  My husband would probably do the same thing.  Smile and say thank you, but inside be wishing I spent the money on something he could enjoy.  But hey that is us.  We aren't into romantic gifts. 

    Ok just asked my husband and he came out right and said no, he would not like it.  I thought so :)

  • I would sooner see the money go to charity or go out for a nice dinner/some type of experience.
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  • This is such a rip off! Just point to a star and tell your H it's his! FREE! lol
  • image Tambcat:
    This is such a rip off! Just point to a star and tell your H it's his! FREE! lol

    Right! Or, make a certificate in microsoft word naming a star. Its no different than the piece of paper you will pay for. 

  • LOL this could be really cute if he's into astrology and stuff.

    Tamb: DH would totally say "you're wasting our money!" Maybe not to my face because he knows I'd rather bawl or crack up.

    Oh and my cousin got one of those from her boyfriend. They were 16 and 17 years old though.

    That said, it totally depends if your DH is into that kind of stuff.

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