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Since Pug is on vaca I thought my bored self would throw one out there.

Describe your most memorable New Years?


  • We don't usually do anything memorable. We've been to a party once. BUT what I do remember is when I was little, I'd be with my cousins and we'd get to bang pots and pans with wooden spoons at midnight.
    Campbell James - 3.6.2010
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  • image FutureMrsNAH:
    We don't usually do anything memorable. We've been to a party once. BUT what I do remember is when I was little, I'd be with my cousins and we'd get to bang pots and pans with wooden spoons at midnight.

    OMG we totally did that!!!! We still let the kids in the family do that too!! When I tell people they are always like "you umm did what".

    Mine is also from when I was a kid. Our basement was finished with a bar (and was basically where all parties took place) and my grandpa was nutty with the big bulb lights all over the place. We would only turn those on with the tree and play blind mans bluff almost all night, I was always so geeked to hang out with my older sisters and their one friend that would come over. We would take this one bulb off of the Christmas tree and hang it like it was a disco ball from the ceiling. I used to get super duper excited for new years.

  • i actually am not a fan of new year's but my most memorable one was 1999 into 2000. my family and i were on a 2 week cruise and spent that night in the panama canal. we were the first ship to go through after the transfer of ownership so it was pretty cool.

    it was one of the formal nights so all the guys were wearing tuxes and us girls were wearing ball gowns. they gave everyone a bottle of champagne and we were living it up.  it was also fun because there were so many people from different countries that every hour the whole ship yelled, 'happy new year'!

    Jess and James 10.18.08
    Zoey Emma 08.18.10
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  • Crows that is very seriously a cool story!
  • Probably the first New Year's DH and I were together.  We went to the outer banks with friends of his, actually the ones who set us up and just had a blast at a local restaurant/bar.
  • Don't really have one.  It was always either a big party with a bunch of friends or just sat home doing nothing.  No one story stands out.  Well, maybe this one time one of our friends was being really mean about a girl another friend brought to the party.  He was saying all these things within earshot and I told him that if he didn't stop I would punch him.  He kept going and I punched him as hard as I could dead center of his chest.  he fell over and said he had a bruise for like a week.  he was impressed that I managed to hurt him that badly.
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  • I've had a few fun ones.  For the millennium, my gang from college all got together and rented a house in Leadville, CO for a week (the highest incorporated city in America) and celebrated there.  We had spent every NYE in a different city in the years from when we graduated college (1992) through the millennium.  Since then, we haven't spent NYE together, but are doing it next year in Mexico, to celebrate that we all turn 40 in 2010.

    Another fun one was about 5 years ago, I went to a party at a mansion outside of Boston, and it was a fancy dress party - we all had to come dressed in outfits reminiscent of 100 years earlier, when the home was built. It was a crazy place and night. A lot of fun. 


  • Last NYE was a blast! DH and I went to a party at our friends' condo. We played "Adult Strip Jenga" (so fun!) and had a great time. We don't usually do anything for NYE, so it was a blast.
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  • Not that is was fun but 2001 into 2002 I was in Times Square.  We had to get there super early, get frisked since it was so soon after 9/11.  We got there around 5:30 with tons of extra clothes to put on.  Every hour we put on another layer since it was so cold.  Finally around 10 then finally started playing music.  I will never ever do this again and would never recommend it to anyone, but seeing all the ticker tape and confetti at midnight was definitely amazing. 
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