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stomach bugs and toddlers?

W has had a tummy/intestinal bug for 36 hours now. He's had a cold (upper respiratory) for a couple of days more than that. (So he's snotty and coughing too.) He started with a bad night sleep and lots of groaning through the night, and squriming around like he was really uncomfortable. Then yesterday morning he threw up rather spectacularly (at Picture People, right before a family photo!). He slept a lot of the day, wasn't interested much in food, and seemed to have bouts of cramps (he's doubling up in pain). He seemed brighter at bedtime last night, and wanted his milk, but then threw it all up. He slept okay, and wanted water and dry toast this morning, and was fine for a while (bright and playing) but is again doubling up with cramps. Oh and he's had a temp of up to 102 for 48 hours, but it goes down with tylenol/calpol/ibuprofen.

Is this all 'normal'? When would you consider taking him to the doctor? I'm kind of surprised it's still going on (I thought it'd run it's course after 24 hours or so).?

If we go, we theoretically have emergency medical insurance with our travel insurance, but we still have a $70 co-pay per item, and would have to prove that it's an 'emergency' to reclaim anything. ?And my parents' doctor won't commit to the cost of an exam, but say that it may go up to $500. We don't have that sort of money to throw around. But if I were home, he'd have been at the doctor's this morning for sure. Argh!


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Re: stomach bugs and toddlers?

  • Honestly, my rule of thumb is any time there's a fever over 100F for more than 24 hours, tylenol or not. Given that, and the fact that he can't keep anything down, I'd go ahead and take him in. What about going to a county clinic or emergent care type place? Maybe they'd be cheaper?
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  • I know it is expensive but I would take him if he is still sick. An urgent care place probably is less, I have gone without insurance and it is like $100.
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  • Thanks guys. We haven't taken his temp recently, because we've been keeping him dosed up on tylenol. He kept his breakfast down, just with lots of painful cramps. But he's down napping at the moment. I think we'll watch him for a while thru the day, and maybe take him in later if he seems to still have a temp.

    How long do tummy bugs last??

    Mum to W (4) and M (nearly 2)
  • I'm not sure where you are now but is there a CVS or Walgreens in your area that has one of those new quick clinics?  They aren't very expensive and have you in and out as quickly as possible.  Good luck!
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