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i think i'm dying.

i was in banana republic returning a sweater. and all of a sudden i get all fainty and lightheaded and sweaty. 

this is new.

i went to starbucks and got an apple juice and some cashews and i feel slightly better - but still kinda woozy.

i suspect swine flu, hepatitis, or cancer. 

Re: i think i'm dying.

  • It is my opinion that you simply have Swine Fever. Or a tumor in your leg. Or a blood clot.


    This happens to me every once in a while. Maybe like once a year to 2 times a year. I'll be standing there and everything starts to turn black and I feel like I'm going to pass out. I think for me though it was just from a lack of not eating.

    I think you need to go home for the day. It's very unsafe for you to be in work. I'm putting you on bed rest. Just tell your boss that I said you need to go home.

  • This happens to me a lot during my period - I am slightly anemic and all of a sudden it'll hit me and I feel like I am going to pass out.  Not a fun feeling!  I agree with HW, go home and relax :)  When it tends to hit me, it usually comes and goes a couple times during the day.  
  • This happens to me at church most every week so I'm pretty sure you will live. Mine is also accompanied by white dots and a "wa,wa,wa,wa" sound in my ears. Maybe you were just over heated, or needed some sugar, or consumed by someones over bearing perfume. I think these are all part of my problem.
  • xmas eve there was a relative wearing aqua velva cologne and i thought i was going to hurl on the car ride home. 


    now feeling sleepy. may just close my eyes here at the desk for a few....  

  • Since you are female, I thought the generic response was "maybe you're pregnant"
  • that would be quite an xmas surprise. 
  • image Jxlpsu:
    Mine is also accompanied by white dots and a "wa,wa,wa,wa" sound in my ears. .

    I hate that.  That is blood pressure.  Mine is abnormally low so I guess low or high can cause that.  When this happens to me, I feel like my head is going to explode and the room spins like mad.

    L'isle Sur la Sorgue, Provence

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