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Never Ending Christmas

I swear, the holidays are never going to end this year!

My grandmother "canceled" Christmas at her house this year, but has decided to have it this coming Saunday (01.03.10), plus my MIL decided to have their Christmas in January (both SILs will be in for Christmas on my birthday - 01.18).

I'm just ready for Christmas to be over, and instead it is overtaking my hubby's birthday (12.31) and mine!

I guess that I'm very Grinch-y this year, but bah humbug!

Re: Never Ending Christmas

  • It will be ok. I know what you mean, I was planning on having people over for New Year's Eve, (AKA my birthday) and I haven't be feeling well the last few days. And we are supposed to go to GMIL's New Year's Day and his Uncle's house 01/02.
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  • If it was cancelled b/c of snowstorms or because someone was in the hospital, then I would go.

    Otherwise, I'd feel free to send people without you (ie: hubby can go to his mom's without you, you can go to see grandma without hubby if he doesn't want to go, and YOU can say "oh, sorry, I'm/we're not available that day!"). 

    Talk with your H.  If you don't want to spend your birthday with your ILS, then tell him that that is not how you want to spend YOUR day.  It's nice that your MIL wants to plan around your SILs, but you count, too. 

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  • Lots of people have their birthdays on Christmas every year.


    And you don't have to do anything Christmas-y besides show up with a gift, right?
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