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Good Morning, Lovely Nesties

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas weekend?

Mine was pretty quiet, I spent a ton of time deep cleaning my house (OMG I am so tired of cleaning), but I did go to a Christmas breakfast at my sisters and a day-after-Christmas dinner at my brothers.  My sister-in-law made Peruvian Hot Chocolate (she's from Peru) and it was yummy....  not exactly sure what was in it, probably sweetened condensed milk, but it was fantastic. mmmmm

I overslept this morning after waking up all night, I hope that's not a sign of the week to come.

So I am deeming the Peruvian Hot Chocolate one of the best parts of my holiday (really, it was that good), following up by having my immediate family in the same place for a holiday.

What was the best part of your weekend?


Re: Good Morning, Lovely Nesties

  • Ooh that sounds good! Hmm.. the best part of my weekend? That's tough! I think just that it was so long! I took Wed and Thursday off as well so I had a 5 day! I drank mimosas all day on Christmas day, that was nice too!

  • Yum.  I've had mexican hot chocolate (cinnamon, maybe some other spices in addition to the expected ingredients) and that's pretty fabulous. 

    My last week has been anything but quiet.  Family drama, injuries, trips to the airport and celebrations have kept me busy.  I broke my toe by dropping a metal thing on it and thus missed a hike on the penninsula Saturday.  I read on the couch all day instead (and took a truly lovely nap; i guess i did get some downtime). 

    Today is back to routine and job searching and hopefully later in the week i will make it down to the Portland area to visit my sisters.

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  • Good morning!  I think the best part of my weekend was not having much to do :)  DH and I ran small errands and relaxed at home.  Normally I love Christmas, but this year I had so much to do that it flew by and was mostly just stressful.  Now I have 3 days in which to get ready for my trip!!
  • I love Christmas but I am so glad it's over. Between that and my mom's birthday over the weekend, I had a family overdose. Love them all, but they're hard to be around.

    The highlight of my Christmas was opening a whole string of wine-related gifts from DH in front of my mom, who thinks a few glasses of wine each week (and almost nothing besides wine) makes me an alcoholic. I got a big wine rack, champagne flutes, several bottles of wine, a wine club membership and a wooden "swirl, sip, savor" sign for the kitchen. My mom's eye roll and sarcastic commentary got more dramatic with each present opened. We had a sides aching kind of laugh about it after we left. DH totally did that on purpose. He is such a turd, but in a good way.

    This week I'm starting my new year's resolution early and beginning the couch to 5k running program. I've run off and on in the past but really want to start with the basics, not burn out and be able to run an 8k by May. Wish me luck and cross your crossables that it doesn't rain as much as it's supposed to this week!

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    ...more to come!
  • What was the best part of your weekend? My parents going home. :) Just kidding. It was nice to have them here for Christmas.
  • Kinda late but chiming in.

    I had a 4-day busy weekend. Started with Christmas eve mass with my whole extended family then we went straight to my aunt's house to have "Filipino" hot chocolate, a Christmas tradition at my aunt's house which I am thinking of adopting. It was very good. We opened presents at midnight, it was pretty fun....took lots of pictures....had fun with cousins. We all got PJs as presents from my mom so everyone decided to have a sleep over at my aunt's. We all "camped" in her living room by the Christmas tree. Christmas day was spent eating, watching Christmas movie marathon...more baking and cooking food...then we went to hubby's family to open presents with them...spent a little time with hubby's grandma then went back to my aunt where everybody was still lounging in their pajamas and had more fun karaoke-ing.

  • image Alisha_A:

    Ooh that sounds good! Hmm.. the best part of my weekend? That's tough! I think just that it was so long! I took Wed and Thursday off as well so I had a 5 day! I drank mimosas all day on Christmas day, that was nice too!

    That is exactly what DH and I did. Followed by appetizers, wine, dinner and more wine. Lazy and wonderful!

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