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New Year's Eve Party Crashers Vent


Re: New Year's Eve Party Crashers Vent

  • image FMIL&MOB:

    You should be prepared to turn all 3 of them away on NYE, since they have already brought Jack uninvited to your home in the past. Do not let them in the door and make sure your H knows you intend to do it.. 

    Anyone want to start a pool that the IL's show up with kid and parents in tow expecting to be allowed in? 

  • I'll put money in that pool; you KNOW they're going to show up with Jack.

    Now, the next question is, will OP and her dh really shut the door on them? Pool No. 2 going here; I'm betting no, they won't.


  • Why not be proactive, and look through the papers to find something that "Jack" will like better than a party at your house - an 11 pm showing of a sci fi movie, or a teen night someplace or "first night" celebration (which are usually alcohol free).

    Then have dh call MIL/FIL with the idea, and tell them "why don't you take Jack to the Avatar IMAX showing on NYE?  Because we know you want to spend NYE with him, so we understand that you won't be coming to our house,  When they say "oh, we wouldn't miss your party!" then say "yes you will, because if you show up with Jack we will not let you in.  And if Jack ends up on our home, call the police and have them remove the three of you"

    And I think the fact that you have family bringing their young children is completely different than your ILS bringing Jack. 

    I think you need to stop inviting the ILS over.  If I had "big news" to share with my parents and they brought someone over, I'd say "oh, our big news is....we ordered a new washer/dryer!"  Then let them find out from a distant relative that I was p.g.

    image "Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.
  • 100% sure the ILs will show up, 99% they'll bring Jack.  10% they'll bring his parents.
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  • so, they going to show up as if the invite was for all of them?

    Or Just happened to be in the neighborhood and wanted to drop by to well wish for the new year?

    Hmm, the choices are intriguing. 

  • Ok.. per my 17 (almost 18 yr old daughter)..

    "that's crazy. The boy will be bored stiff around all the adults. On top of that if he does get into the alcohol the homeowners are legally liable for contributing to the deliquency at best. What if the kid gets trashed and falls? His parents are going to sue and own the OP's home, car and much of their future earnings" "Those IL's are way out of line and NUTS" 

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