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Babies R Us in Antioch?

Does anyone know if the BRU in Antioch on Nolensville Road is taking back the BPA bottles?  And if so, has anyone returned any there (I have a bunch of Avent bottles) - did they give you a hard time?  Are the issuing store credit, or exchange only?  I'm nervous - I had a friend return to the Rivergate one, but she said they gave her a really hard time about it and I'm a big wimp when it comes to confrontation.

Re: Babies R Us in Antioch?

  • i'm not sure, but I'll be interested to know the answer.  I was actually going to call today to see, since I have a ton also.  I am also pretty non-confrontational...so I'm glad to know about Rivergate!  I guess I won't go there! 

    If you hear anything, let me know, and I will let you know after I talk to them!

    Ethan Ryan 7/29/2006 Jack William 10/12/2009 Baby #3 4/20/2012
  • I was going by there anyway today, so I called and whoever I spoke to on the phone told me that they were accepting the Avent bottles (the ones I was asking about) as complete sets of 3.  Which bummed me out a little bit, because I'm missing a lot of lids, and didn't think I had a lot of complete sets of 3, but I figured I'd bring back what I had.  So I showed up, with all my bottles (thinking maybe if I got a different person they'd let me return individual bottles), and that person was willing to take back individual bottles, but said they wouldn't take them without the nipples.  Oops, I left all my nipples at home, since everyone else I had talked to that returned to different BRU locations said they weren't taking the nipples.  Grr.  So now I'm going to go back on another day with all my bottles and nipples and see what they tell me THEN!  So the moral of the story is they're taking them back, but different people will do different things, so just bring everything you have.  You have to get other bottles - it's not a straight store credit.  They're also taking Dr. Brown's.
  • Thanks for the info! 

    I know I am also missing quite a few lids, but we'll see, I guess. 

    I'll let you know what happens when I end up taking mine back.

    Ethan Ryan 7/29/2006 Jack William 10/12/2009 Baby #3 4/20/2012
  • What's going on with the Avent bottles???? I just recieved a starter set as a baby shower gift.
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