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yippee...........last day of work

Hope it goes fast........

are you working today or, sitting around your office eating junk then going to lunch or something?

Re: yippee...........last day of work

  • Lucky you!!

    We don't have junk here in our dept. thank god.  But the other people here are having their holiday lunch today.  we (me and the other girl in my dept) weren't invited.

  • yeah it may be a blessing, I already ate a soft pretzel, a donut and chips and dip at 8:30 in the morning.

    I have to stop I will be sick soon, not to mention I have on a tighter pair of dress pants today. It is hard though because the spread is in the cube across from, so easy to keep picking.

  • Full day today....still finishing the process of moving into my new office area, so I'm working on getting organized.  But at least today is my last day in 2009 that I have to work both jobs, which is nice :)

    ETA: I mean toda is my last day in 2009 that I have to work both jobs in the same day.  I still have job 1 tomorrow, and then job 2 a few days next week.

    Aisling Rose 8/8/10
    Declan James 9/18/12
  • all the things i need won't be here to the "end of the week" um hello that's christmas which means next week.

    sooo i am a placeholder today. we will shut down by 4 at the latest and 3 by the earliest. depends on the amount of people we see. there are however tons of school kids already down here this morning. 

  • Yeah, I decided yesterday that today would be my last day of work for 2009.  (I thought about working Christmas Eve...but why? I have the vacation time). 

    I just enjoyed a breakfast sandwich from downstairs...should be very quiet in the office today.  Going out to lunch with a friend from the office, craving some pho and maybe attempt a trip to the madness that is Reading Terminal Market.


  • Sometimes working, sometimes sitting here & eating junk. 

    I'm leaving early today for an appointment & to go to the post office to mail a gift (yay me--I'm hoping the PO isn't too crazy), then I have a half day tomorrow.

  • i was on the fence about coming in tomorrow or not until this am when i couldnt get out of bed. 

    i'm taking off tomorrow. yay.

    today i'm doing some things but mostly shooting the sh*t w/ coworkers.

    and wearing and outdoor scarf indoors. 

  • I am here until 2.  then home via cab because I need to bring home some mail order gifts.  I have to put on nicer pants and nicer shoes and then go to the MIL's christmas dinner with her office (she is the boss and invited me to come along.  FIL and DH are going to come later anyway).


    I am not supposed to be here tomorrow, however, I forsee me coming in for an hour because the boss has been ill and there just may be some things to do. we will see. grrrr. 

    [IMG][/IMG] Hi Francey!
  • Ugh, I'm here all day and until noon tomorrow, unless the mother-effing midwest weather ruins my flight and there is no need to be to the airport.  :insert swearing, yelling, and world-hating here:

    DD: 6-24-11

    EDD: 9-20-14

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